3 Best Botox Injection Doctors in Singapore 2022 Reviewed (With Before/After Photo Proof)


Botox, a type of neurotoxin injectable, works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by paralysing the muscles underneath. Used to also minimise pores and reduce calf muscles, botox is often used to improve the look of what we call crow’s feet and frown lines caused by everyday facial expressions like smiling, frowning, squinting or brow furrowing.

When done correctly and in appropriate amounts, botox can lift treatment areas nicely and give the face an overall pleasant and appealing look. While botox is considered a minimally invasive procedure in Singapore with little downtime, it’s important to find an experienced doctor to administer this neurotoxin injectable into your face.

Below, we share three aesthetics doctors in Singapore who have made a name for themselves in the botox scene.

Dr Edwin Lim

Dr Edwin Lim of Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

For those looking for a doctor who’s both passionate about botox and has a stellar track record, Dr Edwin Lim is your go-to guy. While a quick Google search will show that he’s highly sought after for treatments like mole removal and lasers for acne, Dr Lim’s fond interest in and skills in neurotoxins are evident from reviews written by patients.

Botox Singapore Reviews for Edwin Lim Clinic

As you can see, he does not believe in pushing services at all, which is exceptionally important when it comes to botox as too much botox can look horrifyingly unnatural and lethal at worst. In his practice, he believes in 3 principles — personalisation, minimally invasive treatments and evidence based treatments. Dr Lim firmly believes that treatments must be customised to each patient’s skin type and concerns; they should be as minimally invasive as possible; and every treatment put in place must first and foremost be supported by science.

Botox injection 5 Stars Review for Dr Edwin Lim

Additionally, Dr Lim is the founder of Botox Singapore, a portal dedicated to everything you need to know about botox. This goes to show his passion and understanding of the intricacies and art of botox. Patients new to botox can refer to the website to learn more about the treatment, as Dr Lim explains the different types of botox, results to expect and downtime.


Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Lim currently has 2 clinics, one in the east (Changi Business Park) and the other in the heart of town (Orchard). Both locations are especially convenient for busy working individuals who can easily pop in for  lunchtime procedures. In terms of clinic setting, both outlets stick to a warm and fireside chat-like theme of wood and gold, and true to their reviews, their staff were very friendly and accommodating when we popped by for a visit.

Clinic website: https://edwinlimclinic.sg
Address: #02-12/13, Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038
#05-51, Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road, Singapore 238863

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 11am-6pm
Contact: +65 69042218


Dr Lim Ming Yee

Image via: https://www.mymedicalaesthetics.com

Dr Lim Ming Yee carries with him a decade of experience at some of Singapore’s most renowned hospitals, such as Singapore General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Alexandria Hospital. Today, he leads MY Medical Aesthetics, an aesthetic clinic in Singapore that places an emphasis on evidence-based, effective, minimally invasive and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

While delivering results remain at his core, quality treatments at affordable prices take the forefront. Depending on your needs and budget, Dr Lim will customise a treatment plan that fully works for you. This is how he’s built up his reputation over the years, and also what keeps patients coming back.

The general consensus of his reviews show that he’s not pushy at all, which matters a lot in aesthetics especially for botox.

“What keeps me up at night? Thinking about how to bring my skills and treatments to the next level. Providing better service to my patients. Introducing safe and effective treatments at affordable prices,” shares Dr Lim.

Image via: https://www.facebook.com/MYMedicalAesthetics/

To ensure he’s kept abreast of industry trends, Dr Lim regularly attends medical workshops and conferences. Not only do the workshops and conferences allow him to advance his technical skills and knowledge, he also gets to impart his mastery to other budding aesthetic doctors. This sharing of technique is crucial in the industry as it ensures that we get more reputable doctors with skills like Dr Lim’s.

Image via: https://www.facebook.com/MYMedicalAesthetics/
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/MYMedicalAesthetics/


MY Medical Aesthetics

MY Medical Aesthetics is well built and spacious, with a simple and chic interior. Patients doing botox for the first time can set their nerves at ease with the clinic’s warm and welcoming lighting and tongue in cheek botox-designed cushions. MY’s central location at Bugis also makes it convenient for patients to pop by before or after work.

Clinic website: https://www.mymedicalaesthetics.com
Address:108 Middle Road #03-03/04, Bernhard Schulte House, Singapore 188967
Opening hours:Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm, Sat: 10am-3pm
Contact number: +65 6873 8238


Dr Isabelle Yeoh

Image via: https://www.iyac.com.sg/en/

Dr Isabelle Yeoh believes that wellness is the foundation of beauty — her treatment plans are often combined with recommendations for a better life, including nutrition tips and supplements. This philosophy is translated at IYAC Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Yeoh’s clinic that banks on safety and satisfaction. Only treatments that have successfully been on the market for two to three years and tried by Dr Yeoh and her team are offered at the clinic. This means that patients will most likely never find new procedures or machinery with Dr Yeoh, which might not necessarily be a bad thing as this lessens the chances of risks.

Due to her careful calculations, Dr Yeoh has secured a solid clientele pool from all around the world. In fact, 80% of her business comes from word of mouth from satisfied customers.

For botox specifically, Dr Yeoh sees it more as a preventive approach. Hence, she recommends starting botox in your 20s to 30s, when skin is still taut and facial muscles are firm — this is to put the brakes on aging before wrinkles and lines take hold. For older patients in their 40s considering botox, Dr Yeoh suggests her Liquid Lift treatment, a procedure that combines botox and hyaluronic acid. This 2-in-1 treatment combines both boosting properties of botox and fillers and works together to give the effect of a mini facelift.

Here, this video demonstrates how Dr Yeoh carries out the Liquid Lift procedure:

Now, although botox tackles common ageing issues, will it still look natural on patients in their 50s and beyond, where a preventive approach is out of the question?

“The answer is no, it may not always look natural, because Botox only relaxes wrinkles, it is not addressing the loss of collagen, muscle and bone density. Only when all the issues are addressed simultaneously will you achieve the most natural-looking result,” Dr. Yeoh says. However, all hope is not lost — her Botox Facelift treatment allows for mature individuals to still reap in the benefits of botox as small amounts of diluted botox is injected into the skin rather than the muscle, as per conventional botox treatments.

If you’re in your golden years and looking for a safe and effective way to do botox without looking unnatural, Dr Yeoh might be the doctor for you.

IYAC Aesthetic Clinic

Image via: https://www.iyac.com.sg/en/

Admittedly, IYAC Aesthetic Clinic may not look as fancy as other aesthetic clinics, but patients who frequent the clinic are usually repeat customers who come specifically just for Dr Yeoh’s services, so design may be secondary. Otherwise, the homely vibe of the clinic would provide a reassuring and relaxing environment for first time patients as well.

Clinic website: https://www.iyac.com.sg/en/
Address: One Orchard Boulevard, #06-03/04, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8.30am-6.30pm, Sat: 8.30am-5pm
Contact number: +65 6738 9929

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