3 Best Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Singapore 2022 Reviewed

Hair removal on the face

Stubborn hair growth can be tricky, costly and even time consuming — just think about how much time you’ve spent in the shower shaving or waxing away those pesky hairs. In addition to that, these traditional hair removal methods can lead to rashes, ingrown hair and folliculitis.

While IPL was the gold standard for hair removal in Singapore for years, increasingly, more Singaporeans are opting for laser hair removal now. Laser hair removal is a method of hair removal that uses pulses of highly concentrated light to destroy hair follicles and prevent hair growth. On the surface, IPL and laser hair removal appear similar as they work the same; however, they are two entirely separate technologies. IPL utilises light-based energy, while laser hair removal utilises laser energy.

Best of all, unlike IPL, laser hair removal is safe for all skin types and colours. While more costly, laser hair removal in Singapore can deliver better results in fewer sessions; thus it is more cost efficient.

In Singapore, a few clinics have cut their teeth as the best clinics to offer laser hair removal services. Here are the top 3.

Dr Steven Ang

Image via: https://www.facebook.com/DrStevenAng/

Dr Steven Ang may be one of the longest practicing aesthetic doctors in Singapore, but that doesn’t make him oblivious to the latest treatments and technologies. In fact, he was among the first to acquire a license to operate lasers in 1992, back when laser treatment was still in its infancy in Singapore.

Dr Steven Ang Performing Laser Hair Removal
Image via: https://www.facebook.com/DrStevenAng/

Apart from working in top public hospitals in Singapore, Dr Ang also trained under some of the best doctors internationally, including Dr Malcolm Greaves and Professor Roderick Hay, world authorities on itch and fungal infections respectively. With his wealth of knowledge, he also developed the course syllabus for Top to Toe College of Beauty in 1995, when aesthetics made prominence in Singapore.

Today, his clinic Dr Steven Aesthetics and Laser Clinic is known for being early adopters of several technologies and treatments like botox, IPL and laser hair removal treatment. For patients with stubborn hair growth issues, Dr Ang can help in areas like the armpits, tummy, bikini line, private parts or any other areas with unsightly hair. Through several treatment sessions, he can help patients achieve permanent hair removal. Some machines he uses include the Cutera long pulsed Nd:YAG Laser.

Dr Ng is the recipient of awards like the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and has been featured prominently in several news outlets, including Channel News Asia.


Dr Ang is always on the lookout for honest and evidence-based medicine, and he has clearly earned his mark as a respected veteran in Singapore’s aesthetic industry.

Dr Steven Aesthetics and Laser Clinic

Image via: https://www.facebook.com/DrStevenAng/

Dr Steven Aesthetics and Laser Clinic is a humble, traditional looking family clinic located along the neighbourhood of Redhill. While it’s not as fancy as other high end aesthetic clinics in Singapore, the clinic’s facilities and skills are undoubtedly still top notch.

Clinic website: https://www.stevenaesthetics.com
Address:Block 75D Redhill Road Unit #01-112 Singapore 154075
Opening hours:9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-8pm
Contact number: +65 64767333


Dr KK Chew

Image via: https://www.nuuclinic.com

Dr KK Chew is a locally and regionally recognised aesthetics doctor who’s known for propelling the use of several technologies, including laser technology. He’s also a founding member of the Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine and director of the Asian College of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine.

At his clinic, NUU Aesthetics & Wellness, Dr Chew has curated a few treatments with the use of top tier laser technologies in response to patient trends and requests. A huge favourite of Dr Chew’s is the Excel V Laser by Cutera as its unique V design allows for treatment of multiple skin types, and the Enlightenlaser which Dr Chew calls a “game changer”. For hair removal, he personally prefers Clarity 2, a laser technology with a specialised skin cooling system that enables quicker and more effective hair removal across all skin types.


Different individuals have varying definitions for what makes the ‘X factor’ for an aesthetic doctor. For Dr Chew, his X factor would be a doctor who recommends an optimum treatment plan based on a patient’s concerns. If laser hair removal is something new for you and would require some research, Dr Chew could be the guy to provide you with answers.

NUU Aesthetics & Wellness

Image via: https://www.nuuclinic.com

Located at Paragon Medical Suites, NUU is a well decorated and furnished clinic that’s certainly a head turner. Think intricately painted walls with trendy speckle print, sophisticated lighting and elegant floral arrangements and chairs. The clinic also has plenty of couches for patients to lounge around before treatment.

Clinic website: https://www.nuuclinic.com
Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Medical Suites #09-18/19, Singapore 238859
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-1pm, 2pm-7pm, Sat: 10am-2pm
Contact number: +65 6732 9989


Dr Ho Rui Ming

Image via: https://drhoruiming.com/2016/04/08/dear-reader/

As a graduate of the prestigious St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Dr Ho Rui Ming is a pioneer in hair-related treatments in Singapore and the man himself has been trained by world renowned surgeon Dr A. Tsilosani in the area of hair matters. Dr Ho leads M-Aesthetic Clinic, a clinic with 4.8 stars on Google Business Listing and stellar reviews.

Not just that, Dr Ho has made quite a few appearances on local media too.

The clinic’s star hair removal treatment is the Intense Dynamic Hair Removal Treatment which uses medical grade light therapy to drastically reduce hair density and thickness. Results can supposedly be seen just after one session!

A scroll through Dr Ho’s Facebook page and we can tell that he’s extremely affable and friendly — he’s worked with male and female patients, regularly shares their progress and replies to comments as well. If you’re nervous about doing laser hair removal for the first time, Dr Ho may set your nerves at ease.

M-Aesthetic Clinic

Image via: https://m-aesthetic.com.sg

M-Aesthetic is housed within Novena Medical Centre, a convenient walk from Novena MRT station. The clinic definitely positions itself well among all the other clinics located within the medical centre — patients are greeted with luxurious rose gold and bronze interior, large windows that boast a bird’s eye view of the street and fashionable treatment chairs.

Clinic website: https://m-aesthetic.com.sg
Address: Novena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Dr, #11-07/08
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 10am-3pm
Contact: +65 6261 5308

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