3 Best Mole Removal Doctors in Singapore 2022 Reviewed (with before/after photo)

Moles are clusters of pigment cells known as melanocytes that cluster up into a visible, black growth that is found on the surface of the skin. It is extremely common for people living in Singapore to develop moles on their face, neck and other parts of their body that are exposed to sunlight and UV radiation.

Moles are often thought to be unsightly, especially when they are prominently featured on the face, nose, or jawline. Most people in Singapore tend to have 35-40 moles on their body, many of which they don’t even know they have!

Moles come in different shapes and sizes and can be lighter or darker depending on a variety of factors. Some are flat while there are moles that are raised or even irregular in shape.

Moles are thought sometimes to be cancerous or an indication of cancer development, but they are most commonly removed due to cosmetic concerns. Most moles are thought to be benign and are linked to hormonal changes in the body as well as due to environmental factors. Only a consultation with a medical professional can determine whether or not your moles are cause for medical concern.

Dr Heng Wee Soon

Dr Heng Wee Soon is the leading medical director of The Ogee Clinic. He’s highly reknowned in the aesthetic field for primarily focusing on a non-invasive approach to face contouring and beautifying the facial features. He’s known for his keen eye for helping patients achieve their desired facial shape whilst performing techniques with refined skill.  With an impeccable service & safety record, he’s built up the Ogee Clinic brand to becoming synonymous with aesthetic excellence and professionalism.

Dr Heng, as a veteran aesthetic doctor, constantly speaks at seminars to share his knowledge with his fellow peers. His work is prominently featured in multiple media outlets which speaks to how established and respected he is as a constant innovator in the frontlines of aesthetics.

image via: https://www.facebook.com/theogeeclinic/

An avid writer, Dr Heng has published articles on many different types of aesthetic treatments and procedures, taking on the task of educating the public on the efficacy of different treatments so his patients can make more educated decisions when choosing to opt for an aesthetic procedure.

At the Ogee Clinic, they are not simply known for their removal of moles and skin tags, which are the most common skin lesions that almost all Singaporeans will have. On their website, they clearly define and describe many of the lesser known skin pigmentation problems such as Sebhorrheic Keratosis, Angiomas, Telangiectasia and Milia. Their high degree of specialization in the science of skin growth removal makes Dr Heng the perfect choice for those patients who are specifically suffering from complex and hard to deal with skin growths, that when removed can leave severely ugly marks on the skin.

Credit: https://www.theogeeclinic.com/moles-warts-and-other-skin-growths/

Clearly, the mark on the skin is wide and patchy and extremely prominent. In many of these cases, the aesthetics of the face is not only compromised because of the mark itself but because of the rough and thick texture of the mole.

Through the use of a specific modality of laser removal, Dr Heng was able to completely clear the unwanted skin cells with absolutely no scarring. It takes a doctor who dedicates themselves to the mastery of non-invasive methods in order to achieve the level of precision required to completely spare the healthy skin cells of any damage while cleanly removing the unwanted mole cells.

The Ogee Clinic

If you’re like me and frequent the CBD, its nigh impossible that you’ve not chanced upon their clinic before. Almost unmissable, their clinic is prominently located right in the midst of Raffles link, perfect for the working crowd for a lunchtime lift or facial session. Their warm and marbled exterior feels contemporary and comfortable – kitted out with aromatics and nice ambient music, the Ogee Clinic is definitely a place to go to if you’re looking for a quick, low downtime treatment for those working in the business district.

Clinic website: https://www.theogeeclinic.com
Address:1 Raffles Link, #B1-12/14, Singapore 039393
Opening hours:Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 11am-3pm, Sun: Closed
Contact number: +65 6909 5370


Dr. Edwin Lim

The young and handsome doctor of Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic has already made a splash in the scene recently with his surging popularity, becoming a go-to name for popular facial contouring procedures like fillers, skinboosters, Rejuran and threadlifts. However, while mole removal is quite a common and entry level procedure, Dr Edwin has shown a keen interest in perfecting his mole removal techniques and has developed his own specialized protocols in mole removal.

For such a seemingly simple procedure, Dr Edwin believes strongly in taking a patient specific approach to removing moles in order to reduce damage and maintain the overall health of the skin. While many doctors are content to simply remove the cells and leave the skin to heal, Dr Edwin has built up a reputation of removing the mole or bump in layers rather than completely excising it immediately.

Image via: https://edwinlimclinic.sg/aesthetic-treatments/laser-mole-skin-tag-removal/

Dr Edwin uses the eCO2  ablative laser as his primary weapon against moles, skin tags and other skin lesions. When asked why he uses this particular laser, he answered that it was because this laser allots him a degree of precision that other more conventional lasers lack. To him, shortening the recovery time as well as maintaining a minimal risk of developing post-operative scars are his main priorities.

Above: Dr. Edwin consulting with a patient

Image via: https://patientstory.sg/mole-removal-review-edwin-lim-medical-aesthetic-clinic

A patient who had a large, raised mole on her lower cheek removed by Dr. Edwin shared about how she was quoted $2000 for the procedure by other clinics that pushed to her a more invasive excision surgery. She was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Edwin assessed that he would be able to do the removal using a laser - a far more affordable alternative that would also cause less scarring and downtime.

Above: the patient’s mole before laser surgery
Images via: https://patientstory.sg/mole-removal-review-edwin-lim-medical-aesthetic-clinic

The picture depicts the patient’s skin condition 1 month after the procedure was concluded. While there is the slightest bit of redness at the site the mole was situated, the healing and recovery went amazingly well. The patient attributed this to the good aftercare prescribed by Dr. Edwin which included clinic specific antiseptic creams and skin products that helped to prevent infection and scarring.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic @ Changi City Point

Images via: https://patientstory.sg/mole-removal-review-edwin-lim-medical-aesthetic-clinic

We visited Edwin Lim’s Changi City Point clinic for the purposes of this review. Situated at Changi City Point, the clinic’s interior was very clean and neat, with nice comfortable chairs and water dispensers as well as coffee and tea for patients in waiting. It was a rather refreshing experience to visit a clinic in the east which is perfect for all the patients staying in areas like Tampines, Pasir Ris and Bedok and don’t have the time to beat the rush hour traffic to go to town in order to get their procedures done.

Clinic website: https://edwinlimclinic.sg
Address: #02-12/13 Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, 486038
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 11am-6pm, Sun: Closed
Contact: +65 6904 2218


Dr Wan Chee Kwang

Don’t let his flamboyance fool you – Dr. Wan Chee Kwang is a truly prominent doctor when it comes to the removal of skin related conditions like moles, skin tags and unwanted tattoos. Outspoken and candid, Dr. Wan holds a firm belief in evidence-based treatments and writes extensively about the medical intricacies of aesthetic techniques on his website and his blog, askdr1.com.

A keen student of aesthetics, he’s known for being approachable and openly invites the public to hold discussions with him about any aesthetic topic under the sun.

Image via: askdr1.com

It’s rare for a doctor to have a website dedicated to patient education, so his amicable and down-to-earth attitude is certainly commendable when it comes to engaging the public.

Dr. Wan has a very comprehensive approach towards the treatment of moles and he uses a variety of different techniques to achieve his desired results. He uses a combination of Ultrapulse CO2 laser, radiofrequency ablation and surgical excision as his main treatments in order to excise every different type of mole cleanly from the epidermis. He finely tunes his treatments in terms of both ablation and coagulation to ensure that only the mole cells are properly vaporized.

1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery

Image via: https://1aesthetics.com/about/
Image via: doctorpage.sg

Situated at The Central @ Clarke Quay, the clinic is situated at the bustling and colourful lifestyle quarter of Singapore’s Riverside. From his clinic waiting room, patients are greeted with a breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline. His clinic interior boasts a majestic gold chandelier, fitted out with gold ornamental vases with varnished lacquered floors that feels more like a first class lounge rather than a clinic.

Clinic website: https://1aesthetics.com
Address: #14-90 The Central, 8 Eu Tong Sen St, Tower 1, 059818
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm, Sun: Closed
Contact: +65 6612 5173

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