3 Best Tattoo Removal Doctors/Clinics in Singapore 2022 Reviewed

Dr Anita Soosay

Dr. Anita Soosay was trained in Italy by the reknowned Professor Alberto Di Giuseppe, where she was trained in the use of many ablative and non-ablative lasers. She has more than 10 years of experience in private practice in Singapore, being one of the first to be certified for Thermage and VASER Liposelection when they were first released locally.

Operating out of The Aesthetics Centre in Singapore, her two main specialties are laser hair removal and tattoo removal. She is incredibly passionate about the subject and writes prolifically on the topic of tattoo removal, with many articles on her website discussing tattoo removal techniques, treatment options as well as educational advice.

Image via: https://theaestheticscentre.com/picoway-switch-from-traditional-laser/

What we noticed about Dr Anita is that she’s not simply concerned about the condition itself; she is very in tune with those people who feel regret at impulsively getting tattoos during their youth and the various societal and emotional implications that comes bundled in with those decisions.

Image via: https://theaestheticscentre.com/laser-tattoo-removal-why-people-get-their-ink-erased/

Many of us readers may feel that aesthetic doctors are geared towards offering expensive treatments with a high turnover rate; this is definitely not the case for Dr. Anita. She exhibits a strong sense of medical empathy and talks about the statistics concerning tattoos in Singapore and doesn’t judge those who made the choice to get tattoos, even at an age as young as 18. She even goes into detail on which treatments are more affordable as many of those with tattoo regret may not have the paying power to opt for expensive laser treatments from the get go.

The Aesthetics Centre

Established in 2007, The Aesthetics Centre is located at level 1 of Great World City, perfect for expats and locals living around the outskirts of town.

Their minimalist interior keeps it simple and they had 3 counter staff ready to serve us as we entered the premises. The clinic was easy to locate and many of their proprietary products lined the shelves. Their staff were very amiable and spent the time to explain exactly what went into the formulation of each and every one of their products. The well-educated and polite staff was a definite positive addition to the entire experience.

Clinic website: https://theaestheticscentre.com/
Address:1 Kim Seng Promenade #01-137 Great World City (Office Tower), 237994 Singapore, Singapore
Opening hours:Mon, Thurs: 11am-8pm. Tues, Wed, Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 10am-2pm, Sun: Closed
Contact number: +65 6820 3308


Dr Soh Lea Sar

Dr Soh Lea Sar founded Healthsprings Medical Clinic all the way back in 2000, located in a small alcove at Bukit Panjang. From those humble beginnings Healthsprings grew into a chain of 3 clinics specializing in skincare and laser treatments, their flagship clinic being Healthsprings Laser & Aesthetic at Orchard road.

In this video, Dr Soh Lea Sar shows how she uses the Revlite laser treatment to destroy the ink that is under the dermis into tiny particles that are then naturally flushed out by the body. Revlite laser is quite a rare laser to use for tattoo removal and she’s written about her thoughts about tattoo removal and why she uses certain techniques over others.

Image via: https://www.healthspringsgroup.com.sg/how-to-remove-tattoo-laser-tattoo-removal-singapore/

Here, Dr. Soh succinctly addresses frequently asked questions about tattoo removal in an easy to understand tone, addressing the discomfort felt during the procedure and highlighting which sort of pigments (green) might be more difficult to remove. It’s definitely refreshing to see that there are many doctors with the integrity to candidly explain the limitations so that their patients’ expectations are managed well.

Healthsprings Medical Clinic

While not the flashiest clinic out there, Healthsprings stays true to their humble roots by being primarily concerned with the medical efficacy of their treatments. While other aesthetic clinics have built up a name for being glitzy and glamorous, we found the entire vibe of Healthsprings to be closer to that of a GP.

For those patients that find the opulence of many aesthetic clinics too overwhelming and want an environment closer to that of a GP, Healthsprings may be the clinic for you.

Clinic website: https://www.healthsprings.com.sg
Address: 541 Orchard Rd, #11-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm, Sat: 10am-3pm
Contact number: +65 6836 8386


Dr Wan Chee Kwang

The medical director of 1Aesthetics, Dr Wan Chee Kwang has made a name for himself for being an expert at removing complex tattoos. He has surgical experience and accreditation with the Royal College of Surgeons and is constantly refining his techniques and technologies used to keep up with the ever changing aesthetic landscape.

He has a specific interest in Tattoo removal and writes extensively about it on his personal blog, askdr1.com.sg. While many other clinics in Singapore do offer tattoo removal services, it’s not often we see an aesthetic doctor as accomplished as Dr. Wan taking a special interest in tattoo removal which is often seen as not a very glamourous or lucrative field in aesthetic medicine.

Image via: askdr1.com.sg

Here, Dr. Wan describes the differences between two specific types of lasers and their specific pulses pertaining to tattoo removal. He takes a very educational approach towards his writing and aims to educate readers on the intricacies of how the lasers work in relation to the tattoo pigments in the hopes that potential patients can make educated decisions. He shows a full empathy for those who have had regrets about their tattoos, a decision which might have life changing implications for many.

On his blog, he also discusses the different types of tattoos and the techniques required in order to remove them. Not all tattoos are the same in this regard! Dr. Wan goes deep into the science behind which lasers to use for which sort of tattoos. In his article, he notes that lasers with a 1064nm wavelength are best for breaking up black pigments.

Image via: askdr1.com.sg

He highlights that if not treated properly, colourful tattoos will require a different type of laser, the full power ruby (694nm) lasers if not the power output for the laser will not be calibrated correctly in order to properly break up the pigments. The efficiency of his treatments are well elucidated and backed up with medical evidence. Such specificity is really rare for a doctor to exhibit especially for a niche treatment like tattoo removal and we have to applaud him for his effort in educating his readers on this matter.

1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery

Images via: 1aesthetics.com

1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery certainly comes with a degree of flamboyance and style that is reminiscent of the doctor himself. With surgery rooms fully stylized and fitted out with unique lighting and ornaments, 1Aesthetics proudly positions itself as a premium boutique clinic situated in the trendy riverside quarter of Clarke Quay.

Patients visiting 1aesthetics can also take advantage of the facilities afforded to patrons of the clinic, which includes a rooftop garden, pool, gym and even a jacuzzi as they await their turn for treatment! Undoubtedly, 1aesthetics seeks to turn what would be a nerve wracking wait for surgery into an luxury, spa-like experience that patients will be eager to go for.

Clinic website: https://1aesthetics.com
Address: #14-90 The Central, 8 Eu Tong Sen St, Tower 1, 059818
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm, Sun: Closed
Contact: +65 6612 5173

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