Ubiqi is a content site started by a group of professionals who work closely with the medical scene to help make factual, health information in Singapore easily accessible through the online space.

All content published on Ubiqi is written either by doctors themselves or by professionals very close to the medical scene.

However, due to the strict guidelines dictating content publishing by medical professionals in Singapore, most doctor authors will often choose to remain anonymous while sharing information.

Doctors in Singapore are very much restricted by what they can say, write or post in public domains due to having to adhere to the guidelines and regulations stated in the PHMC – Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act and strictly enforced by the MOH – Ministry of Health in Singapore.

As such, even if a doctor feels Treatment A is more suitable for a specific condition as opposed to Treatment B, he or she is unable to voice that opinion online, unless the view is substantially backed by peer reviews and multiple research studies. However, there are multiple instances where an extensive list of research papers are unavailable, which in turn acts as a gag order for the doctor.

Furthermore, doctors in Singapore are not allowed to publish before/after photos online.

This severely limits the ability to use pictures and visuals to explain conditions and treatments to patients over the internet. As such, finding highly educational and technical articles written by doctors in Singapore is a rare occurrence online.

Despite all these, Ubiqi strongly supports upholding the values that the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act represents, which goes a long way in protecting the high repute of the medical industry in Singapore while preventing the spreading of false or biased information by doctors online.

It has also come to our attention that there is now a website with very similar content and approach as Ubiqi. We are proud to be the original and have nothing against other similar sites like this popping up in Singapore. After all, useful medical information is meant to be shared. We will strongly support any and all doctors who put in the time and dedication to educating the public on important medical issues.