Acne Scar Treatments in Singapore Doctor’s Advice

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Chemical Peels for acne scars cost $150 per session. Dermal fillers cost around $1,400. Laser treatments are the most effective but cost around $300 to $1,500 (3 sessions required). Subsicion for acne scars costs around $150 to $350 per session (multiple sessions required). Punch excision costs $250 to $400 per session (multiple sessions). The combination of treatment types depends on the types of acne scars on the patient's face (box car, rolling, ice pick scars).

A lot of Singaporeans have dealt with acne at one point in their lives.

I’d have to say you are extremely blessed with perfect skin if there was not a day in your life that you have had to see a red blemish on your face. For some, dealing with acne may last only for a certain period in their life, such as puberty. While others may deal with this skin impurity later on when they are grownups. This is what we call adult acne.

Whether you may have encountered acne problems in your teens or as an adult, you could very much relate to one of its seemingly everlasting effect on your skin - Acne Scars. I am certain that this is the very reason why you are reading this article right now.

I don’t blame you. I have had my fair share of dealing with this dilemma and have seen a lot of people struggle with ways of finding the right treatments to get rid of it. Acne scars are not really pleasing to the sight, yes?

The Internet can be a watering hole of acne scar treatment remedies. But, the question is, how effective can they be?

The article that is before you is the answer to that question; I have prepared this as your go-to guide for the best acne scar removal treatments available in Singapore. The procedures written here are backed up by my years of cosmetic practice and are certainly not just hearsay.

If you wish to know every single detail about tackling those unflattering scars, then read through this post. Your only capital for this first step to achieving an acne scar free face is patience, as this is quite a lengthy (but info filled) read.

Introduction to Acne Scars

Not all flaws visible on your face are acne scars. Another skin irregularity that can also be a result of acne is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or acne marks.

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Let us define each so we can get more clarity.

Acne marks

This flaw is characterized by a pink or dark colour on the surface of the skin. It is actually a remnant of the acne’s healing process and is smooth to the touch. The existence of acne marks means that the collagen in the skin is still intact even after an inflammation. Acne marks, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, are temporary and would naturally clear up on their own. The disappearance of the hyperpigmentation may take up weeks or even months.

Acne Scars

This flaw, on the other hand, is characterized by skin depressions caused by the breaking of the skin whenever the pimples rupture (generally caused by pimple popping!) Depressions on the skin happen when, during the rupture of the inflamed pimple, the collagen deep in the dermis gets damaged permanently. At the same time, acne scars may also appear as bumps on the skin.

Acne scars come in different depth, shapes, and sizes

Type of ScarWidth Measurement of Skin Surface OpeningCharacteristic
Boxcar > 1-4mmRectangular, sharp, and defined edges
Ice pick< 2mmDeep with a slight opening on the skin’s surface
Rolling> 1-4mmWide, rounded opening with sloping edges
Hypertrophic-Thick, wide, and raised
Keloid-Smooth, raised, and hard to the touch


Scarring caused by acne can very well be avoided by having the skin treated during the onset of a breakout. Topical and oral medications can be prescribed by your dermatologist depending on the severity of the acne present on your skin. Be sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately at the first sight of reddish inflammations on your face if you want to save your skin from the risk of getting scars.

laser treatment for acne scars

Types of Acne Scar Treatments

Clinics in Singapore offer several procedures for acne scar removal. Here’s a table summary of the top treatments for your easy reference and comparison.

Chemical peels

Recommended for: Ice pick scars

How Chemical peels work:

TCA CROSS, an example of a chemical peel, involves a solution that promotes collagen production in order to close scars.

This is administered with the use of a needle to inject the TCA solution into the skin, penetrating deep into the acne scars. This is done painstakingly per acne scar.

Among the different treatments, chemical peels have the most risk involved as the right ratio of the chemical plays a vital role in either making or breaking your skin.

Chemical peels expected results and downtime

Ice pick scars that are deep set with a tiny opening can see improvement on just the first treatment by 30 to 40%. Optimum results may be achieved in 2 to 3 sessions.

Chemical peels Cost/Price

$150 for 1 session, $400 for 3 sessions.

Dermal Fillers

Recommended for: Boxcar scars

How Dermal Fillers work:

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected into depressed scar to fill in the shallow space and raise it to the skin surface.

Sample brands of dermal fillers are Juvederm and Restylane.

Dermal Fillers expected results and downtime

Dermal fillers only provide temporary results. Because of the need for repeated treatments in the interval of 6 months, this acne scar treatment is a less popular choice among Singaporeans.

Dermal Fillers Cost/Price

A session will require for 2 syringes of Dermal Fillers. A syringe would cost around $550 to $850.

Laser treatments

Recommended for: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and all kinds of acne scars

How Laser Treatments work:

Laser treatments, such as Pulse-dye laser and Fractional C02 laser, are procedures done with the use of energy-charged light beams that are administered to the skin to improve its condition.

If you have more than one kind of acne scar present on your face the doctor may use a combination of laser treatments to treat your skin. It’s best to always discuss treatment priorities with your doctor first to ensure the best results.

Laser Treatments expected results and downtime

Among all treatments, lasers have earned the trust of both doctors and patients like this type of procedure have produced the best results with minimal downtime.

This treatment will need to be repeated for not more than 3 sessions.

Laser Treatments Cost/Price

Depending on the laser equipment to be used, a session of laser treatments may range from $300 to $1,500.

Punch excision/grafting

Recommended for: Ice pick scars

How Punch excision/grafting works:

This treatment uses a punching tool that performs minuscule cuts surrounding the scar. The punched skin is then removed and replaced by a piece of skin grafted from a different part of the body.  After which, the area is stitched to close and heal.

Punch excision/grafting expected results and downtime

Sutures are removed after a week.

Punch excision/grafting Cost/Price

The cost of this procedure may also depend on the number of scars needing treatment. Roughly, one session ranges from $250 to $400.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling

Recommended for: Atrophic, rolling, and mixed scars

How Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling works:

This treatment uses a tool that has energy-charged tiny needles that pierce through the skin in several rapid and repeated jabs. The needles penetrate through the dermis and quicken the production of collagen, thereby allowing the reformation of the scar.

INFINI and Venus Viva are some of the brands used for this procedure.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling expected results and downtime

Results appear gradually within the course of 6 months. For downtime, this procedure is the best option with less than 3 days to spare for rest as the treated areas can be expected to recover in 2 days.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling Cost/Price

Subscision of scars

Recommended for: Boxcar, rolling fibrous scars

Subscision of scars microneedling work:

This treatment uses a needle to penetrate through the scar and relieve the skin from the fibrous scar, which causes it to be depressed. This action promotes the production of new collagen, which then elevates the scar upward to level it with the skin’s surface.

Subscision of scars expected results and downtime

Minimal improvements can be expected following each session of subscision. This treatment causes some wounds on the skin that takes about a week or two to heal.

Subscision of scars Cost/Price

One session of subscision includes treatment of 5 fibrous acne scars. The price range is around $150 to $350.

Acne Scar Treatments The Best Results (Doctor Advice)

To achieve the best results, your doctor may propose to do a combination of the different procedures presented above. This can be determined during the initial consultation. The treatment price range for mild to moderate acne is from $2000 to $4000, while severe ones cost at around $3500 to $5500.

The success of an acne removal treatment will depend on some factors. These are the things to consider: the kind and degree of the scars present on the skin, the type of treatment/s used on the scar, and skin’s reaction to the procedure. Improvements show greatly at the start of the procedure, and then gradually decrease as the treatment progresses.

dermal fillers for acne scars

On average, patients can expect to see 50% to 80% improvement on their skin after full treatment. A full acne scar treatment means completing the whole acne scar removal treatment plan recommended by the doctor. As mentioned, this may entail different types of procedures and repetitive sessions.

Knowing which kinds of treatments to combine for your skin is tricky. The doctor needs to examine the condition of your skin thoroughly to be able to create a plan that would address each type of acne scar that you wish to banish from your face.

For example, the doctor may recommend a few sessions of laser resurfacing combined with a session of subscision and non-ablative laser if you have severe acne scars.

Scar Treatments in Singapore

There are several competent medical practitioners all over Singapore who specialises in acne scar removal treatment. I suggest that you do extensive research by reading reviews online or asking around from your family or friends for recommendations. It is best that you also get a second opinion, especially when it comes to your acne removal treatment plan. When you find yourself consulting with a dermatologist, do not hesitate to ask about his experience and the success rate of the treatments he was able to perform on patients. In addition, request for sample photos as proof so you can gauge your expectations well.


I hope this article has broadened your awareness about getting rid of those pesky acne scars. Remember: there is not one procedure that can be the sole answer to your acne scars removal. If you ever see any such thing being advertised, I kid you not, that is too good to be true. It is best to have your skin’s fate placed in good hands—meaning dermatologists who have extensive knowledge and experience in performing acne removal procedures.

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