Complete List of Aesthetic Clinic Treatments in Singapore

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Aesthetic Clinic Treatments in Singapore cost will vary depending on the treatment. Thread lifts cost around $1,500 to $3,000. The price of microdermabrasion starts at $70 and can go up to $150 per session. Chemical peels cost around $150-300. Filler injections typically cost around around $500 and $850 per syringe. Fractional CO2 Lasers are priced around $500 to $1000. IPL treatments cost between $300 and $500.

People all around the world want to look good, this is why aesthetic clinics in Singapore are thriving. There is a range of cosmetic procedures that one can have to rejuvenate their skin and improve their overall appearance. From reducing wrinkles to straightening the nose, these treatments offer temporary or permanent solutions for the issue at hand. We will now take a look at the procedures you can do in Singapore.

Minimally invasive vs Non-invasive

Before we begin, there is a differentiation between these two terms and we would like to make it clear right away. A non-invasive procedure refers to one that it is executed outside of the body without breaking the skin. Typically, it lasts 15-30 minutes and it can be carried out during your lunch break. For this reason, they are often referred to as “lunch-time procedures”. There is no staying in a hospital overnight, so the patients can instantly go back to their daily activities. Dermabrasion, laser therapies, and chemical peels are perfect examples here.

Now, a minimally invasive is also a non-surgical operation, only it involves some form of skin breaking. Recovery is quick and little to no downtime is necessary. An example of such a procedure is using fillers or Botox.

Thread Lifts

ThreadLift Diagram on a Woman

A thread lift is generally used to contour the face, lift and firm the skin. It requires a local anaesthetic, which can be a numbing cream or something similar. Only a qualified medical practitioner or a surgeon can perform thread lifts.

How does it work?

It prompts the skin to build new collagen. For those of you who don’t know, there is a protein responsible for making our skins so radiant and youthful. That’s collagen. As we age, its production decreases, resulting in sags and lines.

There are different types of thread lifts. Some of them are suited to people who want fresher skin and others are targeted at removing folds and lines. Overall, the treatment focuses on the face. However, it is not uncommon for thread lifts to be used on the cleavage, neck, and other body parts.

How long does it last?

The results will depend on the person. Generally speaking, the lifts will begin to wear off in 6 to 30 months.

Who is suitable for it?

Group ages between 30 and 60 are the most suitable candidates for thread lifts. Of those, patients whose skin is just starting to show signs of ageing will benefit the most from the treatment. If you experience excessive sagging, you had better stick with a traditional facelift.

What are the risks/side effects?

The procedure bears no risk if executed by a certified dermatologist. As for side effects, you can expect minor bruising and swelling afterwards. Although no pain is associated with thread lifts, some people report aching when touching the affected area. But it subsides fast. Recovery time is no more than 48 hours.

How much does it cost?

In Singapore, a thread lift session may cost from $1,500 to $3,000, based on the clinic.


microdermabrasion procedure on a woman

Microdermabrasion is a non-incision procedure for improving the skin texture and tone. It employs a hand-held device with tiny crystals on it. They act as exfoliators, removing dead and dry skin cells.

How long does it last?

6-12 months. But it really depends on the patient.

Who is suitable for it?

Microdermabrasion works best for people with acne, stretch marks, blackheads, enlarged pores, and acne scars. You should not expect it to have the same results as chemical peels (which are stronger). For the best results, you might want to repeat the procedure 3-5 times, with 1-2 month intervals in between.

What are the risks/side effects?

Patients commonly report mild redness, swelling, and tenderness, which normally go away after a few hours. Keep in mind that unless the treatment is performed by a professional, you risk getting perforated skin, contracting infections or experiencing other complications.

How much does it cost?

The price tag of microdermabrasion starts at $70 and can go up to $150 per session.

Chemical Peels

woman in chemical peel

Another procedure you can book at aesthetic clinics in Singapore is chemical peels. It works best for treating some types of acne, removing small wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, it reduces age spots and gets rid of freckles.

How does it work?

A professional will clean your skin prior to giving you the treatment. Then they will apply different chemical solutions to your face – as in salicylic acid, glycolic acid, carbolic acid, or lactic acid. You are likely to experience stinging or burning sensations. It will last no longer than ten minutes. You can apply a cool compress on it to help with the problem.

How long do the results last?

It is strictly dependent on the individual, but your face will look rejuvenated for a few months afterwards. To maintain the results, you are recommended to book a chemical peel session twice or thrice a year.

Who is suitable for it?

People who are light-haired and fair-skinned are perfect for chemical peels. If you have bulges, sags or severe wrinkles, chances are you will not respond well to this treatment.

What are the risks/side effects?

Some patients may get small scarring. A permanent or temporary colour change might occur in people with a tendency toward brownish discoloration. Women who are on the pill are also at risk of getting this unpleasant side effect.

How much does it cost?

A session executed in Singapore will be around $150 and up to $350.

Filler Injections

Woman Receiving Dermal Filler Injection

This is a treatment that serves to fill creases and lines with different substances. It is very much unlike Botox whose purpose is to relax the muscles in certain areas of the face. In the case of nose fillers, the goal is to straighten the bridge and improve the profile. It can also work with other parts of the face – to lift temples, jawlines and cheeks, or to fill thin lips out. What is more, it is even used to plump hands.

How long does it last?

The effects are observed immediately after the treatment, lasting from half a year to nine months. This means you will want to book a session every once in a while to maintain the results. Some of the fillers may last up to two years.

Who is suitable for it?

Injectable fillers are ideal for people under the age of 50. Older individuals should not take advantage of the procedure because it won’t produce the desired effect.

What are the risks/side effects?

When it comes to synthetic fillers, some people may trigger an allergic reaction. And sometimes skin colour change may be noticeable for months after the treatment. The longer a filler is designed to last, the more likely it is to produce side effects. As for naturally derived fillers (collagen, hyaluronic acid), risks are almost non-existent. Overall, you may have bruising, swelling, and redness post-treatment.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the treatment. The cost typically revolves around $500 and $850 per syringe. Normally, the specialist will use one to two syringes per session.

Fractional CO2 Lasers

Woman undergoing Fractional Co2 Laser treatment

This is a cosmetic procedure known as laser resurfacing. A fractional CO2 laser is one of the many types of lasers which can be employed. The treatment is used to rejuvenate skin cells and achieve younger, smoother skin.

How long do the results last?

That’s the thing with laser resurfacing, the results it yields are sort of permanent. (And so are the side effects if the job is not done right.)

Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

The procedure is suitable for people who have acne scars, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and lines. The perfect candidate does not have any underlying health conditions and is free of prescription medication. Note that if you have minor skin imperfections, you would not be a good fit. Even though fractional CO2 lasers are not invasive, a procedure like that is considered a surgical one by many doctors. This is because it is a little bit tougher on the patients. For this reason, it is recommended to undergo the treatment only when no other treatment has proven to work.

What are the risks/side effects?

For the most part, the procedure is safe and bears no risks but only if performed by a professional. Yet, there could be some discomfort following a laser resurfacing session. For example, abnormal healing or infection might occur. Other common side effects include swelling and redness.

How much does it cost?

Each session is priced from $500 to $1000. A maximum of two sessions might be required to get you the results you want. But that would strongly depend on the individual’s health condition.

Intense Pulsed Light

Woman having IPL Therapy

This treatment uses intense pulses of light to treat common conditions such as sun-damaged skin, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. It is also referred to as Photofacial in Singapore. It comes in the form of handheld devices which emit short bursts of light over the application area.

How long do the results last?

In most cases, the effects will be visible between six months and one year. There are things that can affect how long the results will last. For this reason, it is important to follow your specialist’s advice regarding the post-treatment period. This will ensure that you enjoy smooth skin longer.

Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

People who have age spots, freckles, blood vessels on the chest, neck, and face. Also, people with spider angiomas. If you are looking to move stubborn skin concerns out of the way, slow down the early signs of ageing or just revitalise the skin, this one is for you.

What are the risks/side effects?

There may be swelling and redness afterwards. More often than not, they disappear shortly after the procedure has been performed.

How much does it cost?

The price of a session is between $300 and $500.

What Perks Do These Procedures Offer?

For one, people like how easy on the wallet they are. You can get a face work for next to nothing these days. By contrast, surgical jobs have always been costly.

For another, most of these procedures are reversible. So, if a person changes their mind at some point, they can always undo the treatment and restore their previous look. Easy peasy. (Unless it wasn’t executed properly.)

Thirdly, let’s not forget the fear of surgery. The majority of people are not okay with the idea of going under the knife just to get a better-looking jowl. Being so affordable and so accessible, non-incision operations are gaining popularity by the minute. And aesthetic clinics in Singapore are ready to offer an abundance of options for the bold and the vain.

And finally, most of these procedures offer quick results. Who wouldn’t like that?

Final Thoughts

Healthcare centres provide a range of non-surgical treatments that boost one’s overall appearance. There are many factors that determine whether you will be suitable for a given procedure or not. Only a certified specialist can give you a quality rundown on what you ought to expect from each treatment. Not only that, but they will evaluate your current health condition based on your medical history and the state of your skin. With that knowledge at hand, they can offer the best service.

These are all important aspects you should consider. If something goes wrong, the effects might be irreversible. This is why it is essential to go for the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore. The doctors there have the know-how, backed up by years of experience. You want to be the one whose friends keep on asking, “Wow, you look better than ever! How do you do that?” rather than, “Is everything okay? You have something on your face.” To achieve that, you have got to stick with the professionals.

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