Best Facial Treatments – Reviews by Singapore Bloggers

No filter needed after facial!

The Best Facial Treatments in Singapore That Will Have You Glowing from Within!

Even with proper skin care routine and healthy eating,  there are still a lot of factors that can affect the wellness of our skin. That’s why from time to time, we need to pamper skin with the help of specialists!

Facial treatments help target the blemishes and congestions to give you clearer skin and will help control the growth of bacteria, remove the unflattering shine and limit the overproduction of sebum in the skin.

Luckily for you, I have put together a list of stories as told by women who had different skin issues that most of us can relate to and the specific facial treatments that they chose to help them overcome these unflattering skin problems.

Problem #1: Enlarged Pores

Reviewer: Deenise Glitz

When you look at your face in the mirror, do you often see that your pores are enlarged and always have the tendency to clog up very fast? I know it can be frustrating at times, and like Deenise, as she shares in her blog, feel the same way too. Luckily for you, Deenise shares a solution to your woes!

At the Spa: When she finally found the best spa for her, she felt reassured even though she hasn’t personally been there before because the spa was highly rated and have been featured in many media platforms. At the boutique spa, she describes the over-all atmosphere was alike other spas in Singapore and she was even served tea before the treatment to keep her comfortable! As per any treatment, she first had a consultation with her doctor where her skin condition and information on the treatment were discussed.

Facial Treatment Choice: Pore Extraction Facial Treatment

What It’s Like: A very helpful therapist conducted Deenise’s facial treatment. For her facial treatment, a series of hydration, deep cleansing, deep biological exfoliation, thorough extraction, disinfection, rejuvenation and rehydration procedures were performed on her skin.

During the facial treatment, Deenise was alarmed to find out how clogged her skin was and was worried that extraction process will hurt a lot because based on her experience she experienced pain from extractions with other salons before. Thankfully, her therapist was very skilled and gentle in extraction she barely felt any pain at all! And because the extraction was done very carefully, there was less redness in the skin after.

Zero pain during extraction thanks to the therapist’s gentle hands

The Verdict: For the results, the most noticeable difference was her skin texture. After her facial treatment, Deenise felt an improved and smoother skin and after a couple of days, the blemishes began to disappear. Also, she felt her skin more hydrated and softer as a result of high-quality products used during her facial treatment.

Bonus! Also, she commended her therapist for focusing on cleaning her skin and make her feel good instead of making unwarranted comments. As what she experienced in other salons, she usually gets comments on how her bad her skin looked which can make you lose confidence. And a bonus treat, in between her treatments, Deenise was given a calming and revitalizing head, shoulder and hand massage!

Cost: Unfortunately, Deenise did not mention the cost of her facial treatment. Luckily, she shares her experience, the products used and the clinic for her facial treatment. For more information, click this link!

Problem #2:  Lack of Moisture and Evidently Dry Skin

Reviewer: Xinlin K.

If you feel that the main issue on your skin is dryness and lack of moisture, then XinLin’s blog review on her facial treatment in Singapore could be beneficial for you. Here, I give you a glimpse of her experience.

With the naked eye, XinLin considers her skin as normal and well. But being a woman, she feels that her skin lacks glow and dehydrated, and facial treatment is the solution to these issues.

At the spa: For her consultation, XinLin’s face was assessed by a skin-analyzing machine. This step really fascinated her because compared to other clinics or spas, the skin analysis is done by a doctor with his/her naked eye. And since the machine is doing the analysis, a broader range of results can be obtained. These specifics will make your facial treatment way more effective and will enable your doctor to customize a specified skincare regime for you. Now that sounds a good report to me!

To XinLin’s surprise, the machine reported that her hydration level was at 17%! She never thought that her skin is very very dry. To her horror, according to the machine, her skin age was five years more than her actual age! On the bright side, she did not have any skin concerns like enlarged pores, wrinkles etc.

Facial Treatment Choice: Nano Perfector Treatment

What It’s Like: For her facial treatment, there are a total of 15 steps that lasted around 90 minutes. As a summary, here are the main steps of her procedure: double cleansing, peeling of dead skin cells, flushing with thermal spring water, application of vitamins, hydration, extraction and rehydration with a mask. While the mask was on, she was also given the pleasant surprise of a shoulder and neck massage!

Thanks to deep cleansing, you can now say goodbye dead skin cells

The extraction part is oftentimes the most dreaded step because in most cases it can be very painful, but for XinLin, she couldn’t believe that she actually dozed off during extraction! This simply means one thing - she did not fee any pain at all! All thanks to her light-handed and skilful therapist who also gave her a delightful and much-needed shoulder and neck massage! For the last step, her face was applied with toner, moisturizer and finally, sunblock to protect her sin even more.

Goodbye to dryness and helloooo radiant skin

The Verdict: As you can see in her picture, instant results can already be observed. Her skin became more radiant and there’s no more trace of dryness! After about two weeks, the glow is still evident that she didn’t even need to put on heavy makeup to go out and even for work!

Cost: The cost of her facial treatment was $280 for first-time customers.

Bonus! Since her blog was posted a few years back, the prices may have changed, and it is better to check with her clinic.

More information on XinLin’s facial treatment can be found here.  

Problem #3: Pimple Breakout

Reviewer: Elaine Heng

“Pimple breakouts are very visible and most of the time can be super unflattering!”

Can you relate with the above statement? Don’t worry because a lot of women in Singapore also experience this condition. Just like Elaine Heng who shared on her blog: her recurring pimple breakouts and the best remedy she had found.

At the start of her blog,  she was worried that her pimples started to break out again and she thought that her hormonal imbalance might be the cause.

At the spa: When her doctor checked her skin condition, she was advised not to take pills because her pimples did not need that kind of aggressive medication. Instead, she was recommended a facial treatment and she was kind of shocked! At first, she didn’t think that a facial treatment would help with her breakouts because based on what she knows, facial treatments only includes basic procedures. But she had complete trust to her doctor and decided to go on with it.

Ugghhh! Visible pimples are the worst! ☹

Unlike any other facial treatments where a therapist is the one doing the main procedures, much to Elaine’s amazement, this time, her facial treatment will be performed using a machine! Compared to regular facial treatments with a therapist which usually have gazillion steps of cleansing, extraction, masking, toning and moisturizing, Elaine’s facial treatment will only have 5 steps thanks to the machine!

Wow! Super high-tech extraction!

Facial Treatment Choice: HydraFacial Treatment and Light Therapy

What It’s Like: The five steps for her facial treatment included: Cleansing and exfoliation, Acid Peel to loosen dirt from pores, Extractions (using a machine!), Hydration with antioxidants for nourishment and protection f the skin. The unique specialized design of the machine makes it very effective to remove dead skin cells and easier for the new solutions to be administered into the skin.

No filter needed after facial!

The Verdict: It worked! The facial treatment made her skin more vibrant than before and there is even no need for photo filters! She has never thought her face can be this clean! She was really wowed out with the effects of her facial treatment that she has declared to be a die-hard fan and would try it again and again!

Cost: The total cost of S$128.

Bonus! With this advanced technology, facial treatment only lasts up to 30 minutes! This facial treatment is truly heaven sent for busy working girls (and boys!)  that only have their lunch break for spare time! Also, Elaine also had a Light Therapy treatment to kill break-out causing bacterial flora on her face.

Relive Elaine’s facial treatment by clicking this link.

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