Singapore Doctor’s Opinion On the Best Pore Minimizer Treatments

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Problems of enlarged pores can be treated at most aesthetic clinics and beauty salons. Aesthetic clinics also have access to higher powered lasers which can help reduce the size of pores. Medical-based facial devices cost around $100 to $300 for a facial treatment. Lasers requiring an MOH certified doctor to perform also cost $100 to $300. These can be combined for greater effect. 3-5 sessions is recommended for best results.

Unless you have been blessed with very healthy skin, we cannot deny that fact that every single one of us has experienced (or experiencing) a common skin problem in our lifetime. That’s why the quest for flawlessly smooth and healthy skin has been undertaken by a lot of women since time immemorial.

One of the major skin problems that keep on plaguing our skin and causing damage to our social life are pores. Enlarged, congested, icky pores!

Do you often wonder why do these enlarged pores keep on recurring no matter what you do? Do you want to get over with the embarrassment? Do you spend most of your time looking in the mirror and ask yourself how to make all these visibly large facial pores to appear smaller and less conspicuous? Is it even possible?

The answer to that question is one big YES!—and this is the right place to find out how.

What are pores and what causes them to enlarge?

Naturally, pores can be found in our skin. Pores are very tiny openings in hair follicles in which oil or sebaceous glands are located. The oil produced on the bottom of each pore by the sebaceous gland keeps our skin soft and elastic. Pores are essential, so our skin can breathe and produce natural oils to keep skin hydrated.

In fact, there are more than 15,000 of them on our faces! These tiny holes act as a drain system where sebum produced in our skin is excreted.

Having enlarged pores makes the skin appear unhealthy and unhygienic. Ever wondered why the appearance of your pores enlarges significantly over time?

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When these small oil-carrying channels get bogged down do things get problematic. These noticeably enlarged pores can arise when there is an excessive production of sebum in the sebaceous gland—these excessive oil mixes with dirt and superficial dead skin materials resulting to a sticky plaque that blocks up the pores and makes them appear larger in size.

In some cases, especially for those who have acne, particularly the cystic type, it becomes a scar when the pores are permanently enlarged.

Aside from clogged pores, sun damage is also a major factor that influences the enlargement of pores. Over time and with a lack of ample protection from sunlight and UV rays, pores become dilated and bigger. Other factors contributing to enlargement of pores include the lack of support from the surrounding tissues due to ageing, genes, hygiene, super oily skin and lack of moisture. Finally, not removing makeup completely can be a factor, as the remaining residues can sit on these clogs and inflame them.

How can I minimize pores?

Are Photoshop, application filters and make up your only best friends to hide your enlarged pores? While these are only temporary (and fake!) solutions, there are better options to end your suffering.

One real-life solution is the wide selection of beauty products that promise pore minimizing capabilities--most of which can be easily inserted into your daily skincare routine. These products such as exfoliants, sunscreens, serums and creams are specially designed to minimize pores by stabilizing sebum production, removing oil residues, make your skin suppler, and effectively clean your skin.

While these products can be of great help, problems can surface when you are not careful. For the products to actually work, it is important that you are knowledgeable enough to choose the right products that will not dry your skin out. If your skin becomes too dry or squeaky, signals are sent to the different systems in your body that generate more oil. Also, unsupervised use of certain products that claim to minimize pores may be harsh on your skin and may result in irritation.

Beauty cosmetics

This is why a lot of women are still sceptical about using skincare products because they believe that you just can’t simply minimize the size of your pores with just cream. Scientifically proven treatments to address these skin concerns should be the best way to minimize pores.

For this reason, most people turn to cosmetic treatments for a more effective and reliable result. Enlarge pores on the cheeks, nose and the rest of the face can now be minimized with the use safe laser treatments that not only makes large and open pores smaller and tighter but also focuses on the rejuvenation of the skin.

In Singapore, there are numerous clinics that specialize in laser skin treatment offer to minimize pores. Laser treatment is a pore minimizing procedure which is fast and painless and is also a popular treatment for common skin problems such as uneven texture, wrinkles and lines.

How does laser treatment minimize pores?

Lasers are used to treat large pores. It works by using laser technology to gently heat the deeper dermal layers to boost collagen formation. The newly formed collagen improves the treatment area, tightens the skin and visibly minimizes the pores size.

How does laser treatment feel?

The procedure is administered by the aesthetician using a handheld laser device just above the surface of the skin to be treated. It is a noninvasive procedure and there is no need for painkillers and local anaesthetics. Some patients have even said that the procedure was a more gentle, soothing and relaxing experience compared to other conventional skin rejuvenation procedures.

While it is naturally a painless procedure, a slight pinching sensation may be felt every time the laser hits your face, especially on darker spots and areas where there are scarring caused by acne. In cases where there is a lot of facial hair, the uncomfortable sensation may be heightened so be prepared. Some mild pain may be felt throughout the procedure, which is totally normal with most laser treatments, especially when done on the face.

After the procedure, there shouldn’t be any lingering pain and your skin should look relatively normal, except for blisters and redness that are common after a laser treatment. So don’t be alarmed! Just talk to your doctor about any issues that might bother you.

In some clinics, your aesthetician may apply a cold mask after the procedure which can help reduce the discomfort and add moisture to your skin.

Is there any downtime after the treatment?

Patients may return to their normal daily routine after the procedure as there are only subtle effects on the skin and very few side effects. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to inform your doctor beforehand to avoid serious complications due to the treatment. In most cases, the doctor would only advise you to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage by UV rays from the sun.

Can I combine laser treatment with other pore-minimizing treatments?

Of course! As long as your doctor approves, you may combine the laser treatment with other available procedures to minimize your pores to achieve better results. The combination of treatments will not only minimize your pores but can also enhance skin renewal and make your face appear refreshed and rejuvenated that will make you glow inside and out!

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How much does laser treatment cost?

The costs may vary depending on various factors, such as:

  • Pore size
  • Skin type
  • Size of treated area
  • Number of sessions (as advised by your doctor)
  • Combination of other treatments

Overall, the benefits of the treatment will surely outweigh the costs as it is a safe and sure way of minimizing your pores with little to no downtime and side effects.

Finally, will there be a chance of my pores getting enlarged again after treatment?

To maintain the size of your pores after treatment, it is important to exercise good quality skin hygiene. Poor skin care will lead to oil and dirt buildup and will cause your pores to get enlarged again. It is also always important to protect your skin from sun damage and to keep your skin hydrated at all times to avoid encountering the same skin problem again.

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