Defying Ageing: Your Ultimate Guide to Ultherapy in Singapore

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Ultherapy costs between $1,500 - $5,500 in Singapore. The cheek area may cost more since the area is bigger as compared to spot treatments of the forehead, eye and brow area where the area is smaller and takes lesser time to finish. Upper face treatment like these may cost from $600 up to $650. As competing technology comes in, clinics in Singapore are starting to lower the prices for Ulthera treatments.

There is no denying that as we age, our skin also changes. Over time, our skin becomes wrinkled, saggy and loose - and of course, our face is no exception to these changes.

In Singapore, women and men alike often ask for the best ways to reverse these ageing related skin problems. After all, who wouldn’t want slimmer and tighter skin? But most patients prefer safer skin-tightening procedures because they tend to shy away from going under the knife and want to avoid all those needles to be injected on their faces!

Thankfully, Ultherapy is a non-invasive alternative to open surgery and has now become a popular choice to reverse ageing. In this article, I present the advantages of Ultherapy and why this could be the best option for you!

What is Ultherapy and how does it work?

Ultherapy is an age-defying procedure that uses a specialized device called Ulthera which uses ultrasound to counter the ageing effects on the skin.

In the human skin, there is an underlying collagen-rich layer called the subcutaneous musculoaponeurotic system (SAMS). In addition to collagen, elastin is also abundant in this area - making this area a major target for skin lifting during open surgery.

Being naturally non-invasive, Ultherapy can now be used by your doctor without making cuts on your face. The Ulthera device is used to send ultrasound energy that is focused on the targeted SAMS area. As a result, this will trigger an increase in collagen formation and elastic tissue regeneration - a process that will help the skin to smooth out, tighten and eliminate undesired wrinkles. Typically, the tightening process takes about 80-90 days and even continue after that period.

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What are the advantages of Ultherapy?

Here I discuss to you the advantages of Ultherapy:

  1. Guaranteed Safe

Among all the other available skin tightening procedures, Ultherapy is the only non-surgical procedure that tightens skin that is recognized and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).

  1. Cut-free

With Ultherapy, you won’t have to worry about incisions and injections anymore. Your doctor can already administer ultrasound energy that is specifically focused on the target area. You can now achieve your desired facial features without going under the knife. Given that Ultherapy is non-invasive, there is no more concern for downtime. Right after treatment, you can easily go on with your normal everyday routine hassle-free.

  1. Improved Precision

The Ulthera device provides an advanced ultrasound imaging which allows real-time visualization—a technology that enables your doctor to see the underlying layers of your skin during treatment. This is very advantageous because your doctor can precisely administer the ultrasound energy to the exact targeted areas.

Also, this allows your doctor to avoid errors all throughout the treatment process yielding an accurate result. Precisely positioned energy promotes better production of collagen and tightening of the skin.

  1. Increased Depth

With the aid of transducers and with the right temperature, Ultherapy is also able to consistently administer ultrasound energy to up to three different depths under the skin surface - i.e. 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm.

Compared to other skin tightening procedures, Ultherapy offers a wider scale of depth to choose from depending on your need. For very shallow depth, the ultrasound energy may cause blisters and burns while very deep depths can sometimes reach the bone and can be painful and may hinder the formation of new collagen. Ultherapy gives you better depth options that are appropriate for you.

  1. More Effective

Based on research and reports from previous patients, Ultherapy is proven to be effective and produces great skin tightening results on the cheeks, jawline, neck regions, forehead, brows and areas underneath the eyes.

  1. Goes well with other procedures

Surprisingly, Ultherapy can be combined with other procedures to attain a more satisfactory look. For example, some patients with very shallow and saggy eyebags can opt for a combination of Ultherapy and undereye thread lift for a more stunning effect.

If you want a more permanent brow lift, Ultherapy can also be combined with your injectable treatments such as Botox or other injectable medications that relax the muscles as recommended by your doctor.

Some patients also try to combine Ultherapy with other facelift methods like dermal fillers and laser skin rejuvenation.

In these cases, it is important that you discuss with your physician for proper assessment and guidance for the best combination of treatments best suited for you.

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How much does Ultherapy cost in Singapore?

The price for complete Ultherapy treatment in Singapore may often vary but typically, it costs between  $1,500 - $5,500. Most of the time, the prices may change depending on the part of the face to be treated, the complexity of your case and the amount of work to be done.

For example, the cheek area may cost more (from $1,500 up to $2,000) since the area is bigger as compared to spot treatments of the forehead, eye and brow area where the area is smaller and takes lesser time to finish. Upper face treatment like these may cost from $600 up to $650.

Important things to remember:

  • Each Ultherapy treatment is unique so it is always important to consult with your trusted doctor.
  • Some clinics may cover hidden costs, so it is very important to ask for a complete breakdown of the cost of your treatment to be sure. For instance, if you have been offered a full face Ultherapy treatment, make you sure to ask what specific face parts will be treated so you can get the best value out of your money. Reputable clinics will not hesitate to show you the proper price breakdown of your treatment.

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What is the step by step process of Ultherapy treatment?

After proper consultation, the following steps will be performed by your doctor:

  1. To help you be more comfortable and avoid experience unease, a numbing cream will be applied to the area that will be treated. This will be applied before the start of the Ultherapy treatment and will be left for a period of time to take effect.
  2. The numbing cream will be rinsed off after 20 minutes.
  3. Then, to make sure that there will be good contact between your face and the transducer, your face will be covered with a specialized gel.
  4. For the treatment proper, with the use of focused ultrasound imaging, your doctor will deliver the ultrasound energy into the precise targeted area.
  5. The treatment will last for 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours, depending on the area that needs to be treated. For example, the area under your eyes only require about 30 minutes. For your whole face and neck, the treatment may take an hour up to 90 minutes.

My pain tolerance is low, Is Ultherapy treatment painful?

Each treatment is designed for the patient to have an overall satisfying experience.

Depending on your case, your doctor will adjust the intensity of the treatment to make sure you will be comfortable and eventually finish the procedure. Additionally, the numbing cream is applied before treatment to help you avoid any discomfort.

Are there any side effects to Ultherapy treatment?

The following are the most common things to expect after treatment, as reported by past patients:

  • Flushed skin - can be felt right after treatment but typically disappears after a couple of hours.
  • Some swelling - also can be felt right after treatment and eventually disappears within the day.
  • Aching sensation - the treated area can feel soft and an aching sensation can be distinctly felt and may last for a week or more. This sensation signifies that your skin is responding well to Ultherapy treatment.

I heard that Ultherapy can cause facial nerve damage. Is it true?

Some people are worried that one of the major side effects of Ultherapy treatment is facial nerve damage. But since Ultherapy uses an ultrasound device, the risk of nerve damage is almost completely avoided.

There is nothing to worry about because through live imaging and real-time treatment, your doctor is able to control the treatment.

However, there are clinics that claim to have the authentic Ultherapy device but if you look closely, it is not the same as the original. Just be extra careful to discern that your doctor uses the authentic Ultherapy machine to avoid problems.

Only talk to doctors that you fully trust. Your safety always comes first.


What about downtime?

Ultherapy treatment is non-invasive—meaning, there is no surgery required and no downtime is expected. After your treatment, you can effortlessly proceed on your daily routine without any troubles.

You can easily go to work, pick up your kids at school or do grocery shopping right after your treatment!

What kind of effects can I expect from Ultherapy? Are they permanent?

After the treatment, instant results can already be felt. Your face will have an overall lift and will feel tight. After a few weeks, the effects will be more evident.

Aside for tightened skin, additional effects include reduced wrinkles, smaller pores, lessened hollowness on the face and toned-down sagginess. These effects of Ultherapy are long lasting even with just a single session. The optimum result can be achieved over a period of 2-3 months since the production of new collagen really takes time.

It is important to note that the permanency of the treatment varies from person to person. While Ultherapy aids in the production of new collagen in your body, your individual natural ageing process is still a greater factor that will influence the result on your skin.

As a personal recommendation, it is highly advised that you undergo Ultherapy treatment every year to keep up with your body’s natural ageing process to preserve your youthful glow.

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