Doctor explains why cheap Ultraformer HIFU Facelift in Singapore is bad

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Ultraformer HIFU treatment in Singapore costs around $800 for a single session. This price might vary due to certain factors, such as the doctor you choose to perform the procedure on you. Cheap Ultraformer HIFU treatments that have a price of $200 or less are highly ineffective and we recommend that you avoid them. Beware!

Come to think of it, a person’s age may or may not be obvious if we only base our judgment on the face. Poor facial and body regimen may cause our skin to grow old faster than our actual age. Wrinkles, facial lines, and saggy skin are just some of the flaws that appear on the face and make it look less appealing.

A lot of aesthetic treatments offering to restore the face’s youthful glow are already available in the market. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures to choose from. A facelift treatment that has gotten a huge following in Singapore uses a high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) device to help revitalize the face and take away the unwanted years off its facade.

This article will introduce you to one of the HIFU Facelift treatments that are currently rising as the choice of patients who undergo facelift procedures.

Introducing Ultraformer HIFU Facelift

Ultraformer Face Treatment

Ultraformer is a facelift procedure that makes use of high-intensity facelift ultrasound (HIFU) to lift eyebrows, and skin on the face and neck that sags. This non-invasive treatment also enhances the appearance of the following:

  • Blurred jawline
  • Fine lines
  • Large Pores
  • Loose neck fold
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Sagging eyelids
  • Uneven skin tone

There are three types of treatment: Ultraformer 1, Ultraformer 2, and Ultraformer 3. As catch bait, some aesthetic marketing refers to this therapy as “The Ultraformer,” which may confuse patients to think that there is only one type of this treatment. Others advertise using Ultraformer 3 and may charge a higher price when in reality the machine that they are using is a level lower from their advertising claims. It is always best to be vigilant, so do not fall into this trap!

Mini-HIFU Vs. Full HIFU Facelift Treatment

There are aesthetic spas that offer HIFU Facelift treatments at extremely low prices.  They brand these treatments as Mini-HIFUs. The results of Mini-HIFUs are nowhere close to the outcome that a proper HIFU treatment can give.

A lot of patients get enticed to undergo Mini-HIFU treatments as they think that they can save on money and still achieve the results delivered by a proper HIFU Facelift treatment. A $200 Mini-HIFU session is indeed alluring compared to an $800 full one. As what some patients eventually discovered, the results are substandard.

Medical studies done on HIFU Facelift treatments found that each session uses an intense and single set of rules to administer an ultrasound that is micro-focused. This means that to get optimum results, a HIFU Facelift treatment must be done in one complete session. Splitting a HIFU Facelift procedure into increments does not guarantee the same results that a full session can make. Despite claims, Mini-HIFUs actually do not work.

The most recommended Ultraformer version is Ultraformer 3. This version is able to give strong treatments with higher power settings. When used, this device can enhance the appearance of eye bags and fine lines.  At the same time, patients experience lesser discomfort and the treatment is done quicker than other machines.

Recommended shots for a full HIFU Facelift treatment

Ultraformer works by releasing high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy into the skin. This intense energy shoots into the three layers of skin, which promotes the production of new collagen and firming of the skin.

The number of energy shots and how they are administered are crucial in getting the desired results when using Ultraformer. The required number may differ from one person to another, but should not be lesser than 300 shots (Mini-HIFUs). Approximately 500 to 1,000 shots are needed to complete a full procedure. An Ultraformer procedure that uses between 500 to a thousand shots can last up to 30 minutes.

The best way to know whether your treatment is not a Mini-HIFU is to ask your doctor during the consultation.

Required number of a full Ultraformer treatment to achieve results

Face lifting procedure

Normally, patients only need a maximum of two sessions in order to achieve successful results from an Ultraformer treatment. After a complete procedure, patients can feel the effects of the procedure as their skin tightens. The results of Ultraformer gradually become noticeable in the course of two to three months after the first round.

Patients can enjoy their restored youthful glow for six months following the first procedure. The skin will appear healthier, supple, and youthful naturally.

Qualified candidates for an Ultraformer treatment

Ultraformer is suited for people who wish to improve their facial flaws, such as fine lines, blurred jawlines, double chin, nasolabial folds, sagging eyebrows and eyelids, large pores, or uneven skin tone.

Older woman using smart phone

Do note that there may be some people whose faces are more compatible with dermal fillers or face lifting procedures that use lasers or radiofrequency devices. Do not hesitate to ask for further suggestions from your doctor on what procedure is best to use on your face other than Ultraformer.

Ultraformer is not only for women but also for men. This is highly recommended for men as the procedure is done quickly and requires no downtime. For those who are always on the go, one session of Ultraformer can be easily slipped into your daily routine, as it will only take a fraction of an hour to complete.

Qualifications to look for in an aesthetic practitioner

Ultraformer is a complicated procedure. It may look easy to administer, but in reality, specific techniques are needed to be able to execute a successful procedure. Doctors who perform Ultraformer should be rich with experience and exceedingly skilled in its execution. Since it is a repetitive treatment, doctors should be very patient during a procedure. Planning is also a crucial step when using Ultraformer; therefore a doctor should have extensive knowledge about the procedure.

Do not undergo an Ultraformer procedure if an experienced doctor does not handle the treatment personally. You can also request for the doctor’s portfolio of Ultraformer treatments so you may have an idea on what results to expect after your treatment.

Benefits of Ultraformer treatment

Ultraformer is a non-surgical, non-invasive face lifting treatment that offers results similar to a surgical procedure. It is safe, promises less discomfort, and practically has no downtime as compared to going under the knife. The treatment allows the skin to create new collagen and regenerate, resulting to a long-term lifting and firming of the skin.

Side effects of Ultraformer treatment

The skin may appear reddish after a procedure, but this will gradually subside after a few hours. This redness is a good indication that collagen production has been activated.

Step-by-step Ultraformer procedure

The first step in a patient’s Ultraformer journey is a doctor’s consultation. During this time, a doctor informs the patient about the procedure of Ultraformer. At the same time, a patient should take this time to address questions and concerns regarding the administration of HIFU on the skin.

Once the consultation is done, the target areas are cleansed thoroughly and marked for proper guidance when the Ultraformer device is applied to the face. Following this, the ultrasound gel is smeared on the skin. Expect to feel tingling and slight heat when the device is pressed onto the skin. Rest assured, the discomfort is minimal and tolerable. A treatment that covers the forehead down to the neck can reach up to a maximum of thirty minutes to complete.

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