Editorial Policy

The core direction of Ubiqi editorial policy is to provide accurate, detailed healthcare news, views and information from certified doctors and specialists.

We believe in achieving this by working with our team of doctors who have real-life experience and insights to create original content for our readers in order to educate, enlighten and inform – our readers being both doctors and patients alike.

All of our content is purely for the sake of information and is not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis by a certified medical professional.

Readers are advised to seek the advice of their physician in the event of any medical situation. Readers should not disregard the opinion of a certified physician even if it contravenes information they have garnered off Ubiqi.sg.

Our Identity

Ubiqi.sg is a platform for doctors and healthcare professionals across a variety of specializations to publish their own writings and articles with an intention to educate and inform the wider reading public.

We are in no shape or form a place for doctors to unfairly promote themselves or their businesses, in accordance to the rules and covenants of the PHMC (Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics) Publicity Regulations Act.

Our Content & Content Providers

Our content providers consist mostly of certified medical professionals registered under the Medical Registration Act (Cap 174) or the Dental Registration Act, both of which are under the purview of the Ministry of Health Singapore.

For privacy purposes, we make it optional for the writer of our articles to disclose their identity and likeness within the confines of our website. Doctors that do not choose to remain anonymous have information about them published in a blue box near the top of the article and may choose to provide hyperlinks to their own web domains. They are not allowed to promote their services or express any form of salesmanship or solicit patients on Ubiqi.sg.

Standards and Ethics

We curate our content so that only facts and opinions with a firm medical basis are published. We do not endorse any content that cannot be at least argued from a scientifically endorsed medical standpoint (e.g. Faith healing, spiritual healing, extrasensory perception, etc.).  It is our mission to provide responsible and helpful articles to help our reader base make informed medical decisions and we do not wish to mislead anyone down a path that might be ruinous or harmful to their physical or mental well being.

Our contributors are subject to our Terms of Service and balance the presentation of verifiable facts with their own professional perspectives. Opinions are clearly stated as such.

Inappropriate Content and Conduct

Free of Inappropriate Content

Threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, defamatory, frivolous, vexatious, and other displays of bigotry or inappropriate content are strictly prohibited on Ubiqi.sg.

Ubiqi.sg reserves the right to remove posted content at any time for any reason or no reason from the Ubiqi.sg website. We may edit or remove posted content for the following reasons:

  • Appropriateness of content (curse words, racism, spam, etc.)
  • Redaction of personal information that may expose confidential health care info
  • Inaccurate, misleading or malicious content.

Self Promotion

Ubiqi.sg is a website that falls within the guidelines of the rules and covenants of the PHMC (Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics) Publicity Regulations Act. Medical practitioners who have their content featured on Ubiqi.sg are to do so for the sole purpose of expressing opinions and statements for education, not for any self-promotion that contravenes the PHMC guidelines.

Examples of such behaviour include:

  • Negative commentary on their competitors
  • Advertising the availability of their services
  • Bringing up awards or accreditation that they have received
  • Offering incentives or other forms of promotion to readers to visit their private web domains
  • Impersonating a competitor or patient in any way
  • Implying that they are the only practitioner that has mastery of/provides a certain procedure or service.

Advertising Policy

Ubiqi.sg reserves the right to enter into paid collaborations with other websites, medical groups, clinics and parties. These paid collaborations can take the form of banners, pop-up advertisements, and other such promotions. By entering Ubiqi.sg, you are accepting that you will be shown these advertisements as per the Terms & Conditions of the company.