Aesthetic Doctor’s Guide to Getting Face Dermal Fillers in Singapore

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The main thing affect filler prices in Singapore isn't really the clinic, but the brand of fillers used. Internationally renowned brands such as Radiesse, Restylane and  Juvederm have the longest track records but are also costly for clinics to purchase. They typically cost between $500 to $1,000 depending on the area treated and how much the doctor uses. There are other brands from Korea, Taiwan, Europe and even China that are approved for use in Singapore and Malaysia that are much cheaper (as low as $200) because of the much lower cost for clinics to buy them.

Evidence of our ageing does not only show in our age but in our body also.

The very part of the body that gives away hints of our ageing is none other than our skin.

Some people early on in life have been successful in taking the necessary precautions to keep their skin’s youthful glow. Those who belong to this group know that hard work and consistency are essential to achieving skin that is not marred by age. Sunblocks, topical creams, a healthy lifestyle, and daily exercise are probably some of the antics they have up their sleeves.

But what about those who belong to the opposite side of this group? Those who failed to take good care of their skin and one day face the mirror barely able to recognize themselves from all the facial lines, wrinkles, and other skin impurities brought about by the inevitable change that the years have brought to the body?

If you are reading this and can relate to the previous paragraph, then you are in the right place! This article is here to tell you that everything is not lost and there is still hope to restore the supple and smooth skin you once enjoyed in your youth!

How? You ask. Well, read on!

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is found in our body. This element is naturally produced by our system to aid the skin by keeping it hydrated on top of giving it volume. Hyaluronic acid depletes over time as the body continues to age and regress. This is where dermal fillers step in.

Dermal fillers are substances in gel form that are derived from Hyaluronic acid particles. They come in different grades of firmness, malleability, and consistency. When injected to the skin, dermal fillers mimic the characteristics of hyaluronic acid.

There are several dermal fillers available in the market. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Often times, doctors have their own personal favourites, which they use on a regular basis. Treatment of a single area may use a combination of different dermal fillers. You may do your own research and have your own preferences. However, do not be disappointed when your choices differ from your doctor’s. It is important to discuss the kinds of dermal fillers to be used on your face with your doctor to set proper expectations during your consultation.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to remodel certain facial features in addition to improving the skin’s current condition. These are the parts of the face commonly addressed by dermal fillers:

  • Chin – Dermal fillers define the chin by adding volume or refining its feature by contouring a much-pointed jawline.
  • Eyes – Dermal fillers enhance the area under the eyes by minimizing dark eye circles and eye bags. The eyes will also look brighter as the fillers make it rounder and bigger.
  • Lips – Dermal fillers fix fine lines that appear on extremely dry lips. The shape of the lips is also redefined by restoring the natural volume and contour it once had during the patient’s earlier years.
  • Nose – Dermal fillers augment the nose according to the patient’s desired form.

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Other areas for treatment are the following:

  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead
  • Frown lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Scars
  • Temple

When administered to these parts of the face, dermal fillers smoothen out wrinkles, refine lines, and add volume by lifting the skin making it look fresher and younger. Moreover, a treatment rehydrates the skin deeply, improves its elasticity, and reduces pores.


Cost of your treatment may be determined during your consultation. This will be based on the areas to be treated and the kinds of dermal fillers to be used if there is more than one.


Administration of dermal fillers is marginally invasive and is a much better choice for patients who wish to improve some parts of their face without going under the knife. Although, it is important to note that the results of dermal fillers and plastic surgery are not entirely the same.

A consultation with a licensed medical practitioner is done first to identify which facial features need treatment. Once the areas have been determined, the face is prepped beginning with the skin’s thorough cleansing. After this, a generous amount of numbing cream is applied. The numbing cream rids the area of any sensation so the patient does not feel pain during the injection of the fillers into the skin. As soon as the numbing cream takes effect, the dermal fillers are injected deeply into the skin with the use of a fine needle.

dermal fillers face lines


Patients can expect to see results immediately after the treatment. The results may vary between individuals and several factors contribute to this, such as the kind of dermal fillers used, the style used and the skills of the doctor performing the procedure.

Dermal fillers that are thinner last for 3 to 6 months, while firmer ones usually extend from 12 to 18 months. Repeated treatment on the same areas can make the dermal fillers last longer.

As much as possible, doctors want their patients to look natural after a procedure. If you want a more drastic change in your facial features, you may inform your doctor beforehand.


Having a procedure done using dermal fillers is quick. It can even be completed during your lunch break! After a session, patients can resume to their daily activities, as generally there is no downtime needed for this treatment.

Risks and Side Effects

As with any procedure done on the body, a treatment using dermal fillers is not exempted from certain risks and side effects. These can be avoided even before your actual procedure starts. During your consultation, it is important that the doctor does a thorough assessment of your current health status and your medical background. The way that the procedure is performed also brings a great bearing to the success of your dermal fillers treatment.

The following are some of the temporary risks and side effects that can happen to the skin during or after the treatment:

  • Bruising
  • Inflammation
  • Redness

Major side effects rarely happen but are fatal when they do. These side effects occur when certain arteries as obstructed by the fillers, especially those near the eyes. The examples of which are:

  • Blindness
  • Delayed immune reactions
  • Infection
  • Skin necrosis

Furthermore, a common phenomenon that also occurs, especially when dermal fillers are done over and over again, is called “pillow face.” This happens when a certain part of your face is filled excessively with dermal fillers, which gives it a puffed up and less natural look. When the peak of the dermal fillers’ ability to enhance is reached, further treatment may do more harm than good.

Choosing the Right Doctor

To get optimal results of your dermal fillers, it is vital that patients choose the right doctor to handle their procedure. A lot of clinics and even facial salons offer these kinds of treatments, but not each one who handles an injection filled with the gel substance is capable or well trained in its administration.

You may chance upon cheap treatment packages of dermal fillers being offered in Singapore. Think twice about getting these. Note that only doctors who are licensed can actually obtain legitimate and dependable dermal fillers.

Do your research on several doctors and learn about their experience in handling dermal fillers. Do not hesitate to ask for a portfolio of their previous works. It is important to see before and after photos of their patients for you to have an idea on how your face would look like under their care. Voice out your desired results or any misgivings clearly and, likewise, remember to be open to their recommendations based on your facial evaluations.


I hope this article has helped you know more about dermal fillers. I wish you good luck in your journey to achieve back your skin’s youthful appearance!

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