Doctor Reveals Fractional Laser Costs in Singapore

Fractional Laser Treatments procedure

Fractional lasers are one of the most popular techniques used to treat acne scars in Singapore. It might not always be the best, but for something so basic and easy to perform, it does solve a lot of my patient's simpler acne scar issues.

Fractional laser cost in Singapore vary greatly

The confusion with fractional lasers arises when it comes to the cost. How come clinic A and clinic B both use fractional lasers but their costs can vary by more than $1000!?

It’s strange that when patients Google for “fractional laser costs in Singapore”, the results are filled with clinic websites that don’t list a single price list. Instead, we often get the line “Please schedule a consult and we will advise you on pricing”.

Thus begins the patient’s journey of clinic hopping and shopping around for the best price.

To save everyone the trouble of having to do that ever again, I’m going to take this opportunity to reveal exactly how much to pay for fractional lasers in Singapore.

What goes into determining fractional laser costs at clinics?

There will be 3 main factors that determine how much a clinic charges you for fractional lasers.

  • How experienced the doctor feels he or she is – This is a very subjective matter. Doctors who have only been running a clinic for a year might feel very knowledgeable and confident with their skills and charge higher. Likewise, doctors who have been practicing for 20 years might feel their clinic is less premium and charge slightly cheaper. The end result is that a big part of fractional laser prices is based on the clinic’s branding and how much the doctor feels their time is worth. There’s no real medical science behind it.
  • The number of sessions required – For the exact same case, one doctor might decide to use a stronger setting with more downtime and treat it quicker. Another doctor might instead pick a weak setting and cure you over time. Regardless of weak or strong settings, the price per session should be the same! After all, you are only paying for the doctor’s time. A stronger setting doesn’t cause the doctor to work harder. It’s the machine that works harder! But there are no additional costs incurred for the clinic. In short, package prices might change based on the number of sessions recommend but the cost per laser session should remain.
  • What machine is used – Fractional laser is a mode of treatment. Just like when we buy a mobile phone, we can choose to use an iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. Essentially, they are all phones but there will be differences in their performance. It’s the same for machines. Different fractional laser salespersons will come to our clinics and each will have their own research papers to back up their machine’s advantage. The doctor then decides which machine to buy. If the doctor bought an expensive machine, expect him to need to charge you more to get his cost back. If another doctor bought the exact same machine 2nd hand from a friend, he can charge you much lower. Once again, this is a very subjective issue.

In short, we charge you as much as we feel our time is worth and how good our machine is.

Now let’s get into actual costs and prices for fractional lasers in Singapore.

Consultation for fractional laser

Fractional Laser Treatments wrinklesConsultation is the stage where we assess the severity of your condition and draw up a treatment plan for you. We will think of how long we need to cure your issue, what types of lasers or creams to use and how effective we think the results will be.

Based on what I can see from friends in the industry, doctors with around 10 years of experience, charge $50 to $100 for consultation. Many clinics will waive this upon you paying for the 1st laser session or taking a package.

Fractional laser Cost Per Session

Costs in Singapore are high due to rental and salaries. As such, doctors in Singapore usually have to charge much higher than counterparts in JB doing the exact same thing. Depending on the machine used, per session costs can range from $100 to $950.

Is the $950 session really 9.5 times better than the $100 session? Manufacturers and marketers might want us to think that. In my humble opinion, MOH’s checks ensure that all medical treatments carried out in Singapore adhere to their standards. Both the $100 and $950 per session treatment meet all of the Ministry of Health’s requirements. It’s down to how much you want to pay as a patient.

Fractional Laser Treatments frecklesIn closing, I want to share 3 very effective tips to help find the best prices for Fractional Lasers.

Firstly, gauge the overall feel of the clinic. If it is a very premium and posh clinic, they will likely also charge more for each service. Premium clinics cannot charge cheap or it might damage their branding. As such, you will always pay more for the same thing at a premium clinic.

Secondly, always ask for before/after photos from the doctor. Look for at least 5 past cases similar to yours to estimate the type of results you can get. This is the most important thing required to select a doctor. It does not matter how much theory or branded names a clinic can throw out. Demand for pictures of multiple past cases and be your own judge.

Finally, observe how busy the clinic is. Many patients feel that crowded clinics mean good doctors. That might or might not be true. What is certainly true is that the more crowded the clinic is, the less time that doctor has, and hence he will have to charge you more for that precious time. So expect to pay higher prices at packed clinics.

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