I Had Another Go At Nose Fillers And I Am Happy With The Result

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Nose filler is a well-known non-surgical procedure, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, which uses injectable fillers to make the nose appear higher and more pointed. This is a common procedure among many Asians for cosmetic enhancement. The Asian facial structure has a flatter nose as compared to Westerns, which makes this a popular cosmetic procedure. Nose fillers were initially popularized in Korea and Taiwan, but now more and more Asian countries adapt to this procedure mostly because of its non-surgical nature.

Dermal fillers may vary on how long it can last depending on the contents of the filler used. For nose fillers, the common duration lasts about 11 to 14 months, or about year, depending on the metabolism of your body and processing the tissue-filler agents.

nose filler patient

I already had a nose filler job done more than two years ago. Dr. Isaac Wong, my trusted cosmetic doctor, used Restylane® for my nose filler. It had a good effect on me and I was satisfied with the result. It added a natural lift to my nose and with the botox done to my jawline, I was happy with the overall result.

The Restylane® filler lasted its effects for about nine to ten months. After that, the body’s metabolism started melting away the fillers, but it was gradual and I initially did not notice the changes. I am very keen on the possible painful effects but I knew the results that I wanted to see after the nose filler job.

Dr. Wong fully understood my concern and was very supportive. He shared that many of his patients have the same fear of pain and downtime after a nose filler procedure. Dr. Wong added that chances of pain and downtime after the session is very minimal to non-existent. He assured me and made me feel comfortable throughout the session. This is when Dr.Wong introduced the Ellansé™ Dermal Fillers brand as a nose filler product.

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How Nose Fillers are Administered

Generally speaking, nose fillers are administered by injecting the filler using a fine needle along the bridge of the nose. Numbing cream is applied before the injection so the as not to feel any pain or discomfort. On that note, should there be any pain, it is very much tolerable and minimal. Nose filler is a lunchtime type of cosmetic procedure. This means you can basically get it done in less than an hour and there is no downtime after the procedure.

You should be able to see results right after the session, but it can be gradual as the fillers will settle with your tissues in the next days. Optimal results should be visible about a week after the session. Should you experience unbearable pain that does not go away, itching on the area or uneven results, see your cosmetic doctor immediately to have it treated right away.

Who can get the Ellansé™ Dermal Fillers treatment?

Ellansé™ is a well-known dermal filler product used by many Singapore cosmetic doctors. The Cosmetics Europe association has certified and approved this filler brand in 2009, which makes it a world-class product not only used for nose fillers but also chin lifting and face lifting.

The eye-catching feature of Ellansé™ that makes it a good choice is its variety of formulations at how long they can last. Their variations are:

  • S, can last for one year
  • M, can last for two years
  • L, can last for three years
  • E, can last for four years

Ellansé™ brand is appealing, but there are still considerations on who can use this product for its best optimal results. It is more suitable for:

  • If you already know what result you want to see after the procedure, provided that these results are achievable by a nose filler job (to be determined by your doctor)
  • If you have a trusted cosmetic doctor that knows your history and cosmetic experiences. This is important so as to prevent skin reactions that your skin is not accustomed to.
  • If you have an experience or have gotten a nose filler job before
  • If your previous nose filler job is not effective anymore and if it is longer than a year
  • If you prefer a longer-lasting effect on nose fillers and you do not want to undergo the treatment every year

Costs and Recommendations

Ellansé™ price range depends on the variation you prefer or from a doctor’s recommendation. Price range may vary from $1,200 to $1,700. This may seem like a more pricey cost as compared to other nose filler products, however, you can take into consideration the lasting effects and the efficiency of the product.

In my opinion, Ellansé™ is much preferable because of its quality which has passed world-class standards. In the subject of costs, Dr. Wong recommended this product because it may seem like a pricey investment at first, but the lasting effects and variation means it actually costs less. The L and E variations which can last three to four years means you do not have to re-do your nose filler job every year, which takes off cost annual costs of the procedure and, in some minimal instances, recovery treatments.

recovery treatments

Why Ellansé™ Dermal Fillers are the best choice for nose fillers:

A successful nose filler job has several factors to consider: (1) using the best or most recommended dermal filler product, (2) working with your doctor who knows what you want and can give you a comfortable procedure, (3) you know what you want to achieve, and (4) the nose filler results are exactly what you had in mind.

Ellansé™ Dermal Fillers are highly recommended by many cosmetic doctors in Singapore. Its world-class quality is an important factor for consideration. This product is used in many other Asian countries, and even in Europe. Ellansé™ Dermal Fillers are the best choice is you want to have a re-do of your nose filler job because of its long-lasting effects which can last for up to four years, and because it is more practical. Be sure to talk to your cosmetic doctor and discuss the use of Ellansé™ on your next nose filler session.

Dr Isaac Wong’s credentials are impressive. He is the first accredited Ellanse trainer from Singapore, and one of the pioneering members of the first and only Ellanse Asia Advisory Board (other members include the famous Dr Lin Shang Li from Taiwan!).

Ellanse trainer

Ellanse Asia Advisory Board

He is also the first South East Asian doctor to win the Ellanse + Silhouette Soft Combination Therapy award in World Experts Meeting in Barcelona in 2018.

Soft Combination Therapy award

He holds many Ellanse and Silhouette Soft workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines regularly and is an international speaker for Sinclair Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Isaac Wong is definitely the go-to man for Ellanse and Silhouette Soft in Singapore!

These are some of his before after photos of nose Ellanse taken from his Instagram:

Ellanse nose augmentation

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