Laser Pigmentation Removal Review by Dr Edwin Lim

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinc

I was referred by a friend to see Dr Edwin for laser pigmentation removal treatment. Having tried different types of “whitening” facials at various beauty salons and spending large amounts on expensive skincare brands like Sulwahsoo, La mer, SK2, I was honestly close to giving up hope on treating my stubborn sunspot. However, since my friend had a positive experience with Dr Edwin and there were many glowing reviews on google, I figured I should give medical aesthetic technology a chance.

I chose to see Dr Edwin at his new Lucky Plaza clinic because of its central location and the possibility of shopping in town after. He shared over WhatsApp that the clinic carries the latest PICO laser which is safe and effective for laser pigmentation removal treatment. Of note, Dr Edwin and his staff were very helpful over WhatsApp with prompt and informative replies.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinc

The clinic was located at Orchard Medical Specialist Centre, the 5th floor of Lucky Plaza, which was private, quiet, and away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping crowds on the other shopping floors.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic ClincEdwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinc

During the consultation, Dr Edwin patiently explained how sunspots form and I learned that sunblock interestingly only lasts 4 to 6 hours on the skin. i.e, for sustained sun protection, sunblock is supposed to be re-applied every 4 hours! This was completely new information to me and now I know why despite applying sunblock daily, my pigments still darken. Even though the consultation was lengthy (I had a lot of questions because of previous bad experiences), Dr Edwin answered all my questions patiently. In fact, he comes across as someone who is really passionate about treating skin issues. He tailored a pigmentation treatment regime for me consisting of medical-grade creams, oral supplements as well as the Pico laser.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinc

To my surprise, the Pico laser was not painful at all! There was some slight discomfort (ant- biting/pricking sensation) but overall, I would rate it pain wise, 2-3/10. Immediately after the first session, I noticed my face had a glow and it was brighter! Dr Edwin explained that pigment lightening would occur over the next 3 to 7 days as the body’s immune system clears away the pigments that have been broken down by the laser. There was slight redness for a few hours and that was it. Downtime was truly minimal. I could re-apply makeup and return to work right after treatment!

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinc

After 4 sessions of laser and diligent cream application, I am very impressed with the results – the sunspot has almost disappeared! My skin is much brighter and my colleagues at work has noticed the improvement. Admittedly, Pico laser is not cheap, but when I think back to the amount of money I’ve spent on facials and other skincare products, I wish I had just gone straight to the Pico laser first since the ROI is significantly better.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic ClincEdwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinc

In summary – I saw Dr Edwin for pigmentation and true to the recommendation, results were delivered and I am a very happy and satisfied patient.

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