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Under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act, doctors can be warned, fined or suspended if they position themselves as an expert above their peers. Doctors also cannot use before/after photos in the article or state their preferences towards specific methods or techniques. The strict laws help uphold the repute of Singapore’s private healthcare scene and we strongly support it. Due to this, some doctors choose to stay anonymous so they can write more informative pieces.

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Laser treatments in Singapore cost between $100-350. There are a variety of different treatments and they naturally vary in price. In general, the price of most laser treatments should not go above $500, as there are generally package deals which are more cost-effective. Just because a laser treatment is more expensive doesn't mean its necessarily better for you and your skin type. Always make sure to consult with a professional to find the correct laser treatment for you and ensure that the price is commensurate with industry practice.

Treatments which give brighter, smoother skin are the most popular category of aesthetic procedures in Singapore today. As a doctor, I want to first and foremost clarify 2 important things.

Laser Treatments for Face Are Doctors-Only

The first is that plastic surgeons do not usually perform lasers. They are highly qualified and can if they want to, but they mostly focus on surgical procedures that normal doctors don’t know how to perform.

Second, true lasers can only be carried out by MOH certified doctors in Singapore. Therefore, it is completely illegal for foreign certified doctors and beauty spas to perform laser treatments for face and skin.

Therefore, the only way to get real laser facial treatments or laser treatments for your face or skin is to visit an aesthetic doctor.

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Types of Laser Treatments for Face & Skin

Now that we’ve cleared up that part, let’s go a little deeper into exactly what type of laser facial treatment to go for since there are many different types and brands of laser machines.

At the core of it, a laser is nothing more than a very intensive light beam. Doctors are trained how to skilfully control this light beam and the wavelengths to treat specific skin conditions. What wavelength to use to ensure best results is down to the doctor’s skill, experience and knowledge. It is very common and completely valid for 2 different doctors to prescribed vastly different wavelengths and session durations for the same patient. It is simply down to personal preference and the doctor’s opinion as there is no right or wrong answer in this case.

Every wavelength is most suited for treating only one condition!

For instance, the PICO laser is making big waves in Singapore today. It can be a good laser for pigmentation in certain scenarios, but if you were to use that same laser for spider veins, the results are going to be very disappointing. There is no best laser treatment for face and every laser has its use.

Singapore Laser Treatment Prices & Effectiveness

Does your doctor know which laser to use for which condition?

I have compiled a list of lasers I have personally tried and tested over the years. I believe this to be one of the most extensive lists in Singapore but the ratings are still very much a personal opinion based on my individual experiences with more than 2,000 patients.

I will go on to share the effectiveness and price of each laser in a simple to understand format. Do keep in mind that if you use the wrong laser type for the condition, then of course results are going to be very disappointing!

Combination Long-Pulse LasersCynergy, Excel V, Fotona Starwalker*Reddish marks and spots caused by blood vessel related issuesNAFrom $300
PICO LasersDiscovery PICO, Picolo, PicoSureTattoo removalAlso ok at treating brown spotsFrom $200
Long-Pulse Visible LightDual Yellow, Excel V, Fotona VERDE, Pro Yellow, V BeamBrown spotsA decent alternative for getting rid of redness and for tattoo removalFrom $200
Q-Switch LasersHelios III, Pastelle, Revlite, SpectraXTBrown spots???Even for brown spots, it does not come close to the above 2 lasers. But this is cheap so many clinics like to buy it.From $50
Long-Pulse ND: YAGAileen, Cutera Excel V, GentleYag, Fotona VERSA3/FRAC3Hair RemovalThis is the only laser you should ever consider for hair removalFrom $200
Long-Pulse Visible LightRuby Lasers, Soprano ICE (Alexandrite)Hair RemovalA less effective alternativeFrom $200
IPL Hair RemovalBBL, IHL, LHEHair Removal???Compared to the above, this is a bad alternative for hair removal. But once again, it is cheap and non-doctors can perform it so it is very popular.From $50
Ablative LaserseCO2, Ecoxel, EDGE, Fraxel re:pair, Lumenis, MiXTO, SmartXide, Alma PIXEL, SP Dynamis, YAG: Lotus 3, Venus VivaAcne scars, poresGreat for scars and pores. Very bad for pigmentation. Do not let your doctor sell you this laser for treating pigmentation.From $300
Non-ablative LasersDe Oro Dual, Fraxel Dual, Fraxel re:store, Mosaic, Sellas Evo, Infini, Intracel, Lavieen BB Laser, LaseMDAcne scars, poresI feel these are the best choice for acne scars and marks. These lasers are even better at treating scars than ablative lasers.From $300
Quasi-Long Pulsed ND:YAGCarbon laser peel, FRAC3, Genesis, Pastelle, SpectraXTDon’t botherCan be used for skin tightening but you might as well go with other technology or injectibles and threadsFrom $200

*There have been 2 camps debating about whether or not the Fontana Starwalker is a pico laser. Personally, for me, I would classify it as a Combination Long-Pulse Laser

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There are many other types of technology used in medical aesthetics such as radiofrequency (RF), HIFU and plasma devices. However, these are not true lasers and hence, I will not be covering them in this guide. These devices can also be performed by non-doctors so don’t be alarmed if a therapist starts to fire off some HIFU shots on your face. It is perfectly legal as the skill level required to operate such devices is not as high.

Such Cheap Laser Treatments in Singapore?

Now, I’m sure patients will ask “Doctor, the prices you listed are so low! Are you sure they’re that cheap per session?”

All I can say is that is a reasonable price. However, some machines are branded and very expensive for clinics to purchase. Combined with the fact that some doctors feel their time is worth more so you can be quoted by up to 2 times or even 3 times more than the prices I listed.

It’s no different than going to a lawyer’s office. The same lawyer who works in the most reputable law firm can charge you $5000/hour. But when he sets up his own practice, suddenly he’s only charging you $500/hour. There is no real basis behind this other than market factors that determine the prices charged.

Before running off to your nearest clinic for a laser facial or laser treatment for face, I just want to add 1 final point. Remember that there is absolutely no basis for doing very quick laser sessions multiple times over a prolonged period. If the laser used is too weak every session, it will never achieve the results intended. Be very careful of clinics trying to sell you extremely large laser packages with multiple short sessions.

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