Loh Ling Ying Review of Veritas Clinic Skin Treatment

Loh Ling Ying

Being an actor/model, my job consists of having different types of makeup on my face often and also maintaining good skin is a given in this line of work. It’s definitely not helpful when I have an oily acne-prone skin problem and random breakouts have always been an unpleasant surprise to me on important shoot days. Then, I was introduced to Veritas Medical Clinic.

Loh Ling Ying at Veritas Medical Clinic

When I first arrived at Veritas, I was welcomed by a group of friendly staff at the counter who helped to check me in. The clinic is very clean and spacious allowing me to feel at home already. I was then brought to a room and the staff helped to cleanse my face once. Then from there, they started to analyze my skin and made my skin concerns theirs.  I have oily acne prone skin and they explained to me what kind of skin care products I should avoid using and what my skin needs right now.

They used a gadget to “x-ray” my skin and explained to me patiently what my skin is lacking of right now and what causes me to break out. I was thrilled and amazed as I now know my skin better than ever. So apparently, my skin’s oil and water level is imbalance so I have to take note and make sure my skin is hydrated. I also have clogged pores and blackheads which causes breakout and excess oil production. Thus, they introduced me to the treatment, Hydra Peel Facial which can help to hydrate my skin with lots of hydrating serums by injecting into my skin while also at the same time extracting the impurities clogged in my skin too.

The staff is very gentle and she always explains to me kindly whenever she’s about to move on to the next step of the facial. I felt at ease and almost fall asleep because I felt that I can trust them and wake up to a pretty and clean face.

Due to a few stubborn blackheads/whiteheads clogged in my skin, the staff was very gentle during the extraction and she made sure that I was not in any discomfort at all times. After the extraction, they disinfect and soothe my skin with a cold metal gadget which was followed by a cooling mask. I guessed I doze off after some time as I was too comfortable.

Loh Ling Ying blackheads/whiteheads extraction

Loh Ling Ying Bioptron light therapy

Loh Ling Ying blackheads whiteheads extraction procedure

As I expected, I woke up to see that my skin was so much cleaner and I could see a big difference. My skin was brightened instantly and my pores were very clean especially my nose area which was previously filled with blackheads. Not only that, I noticed that my acne scars seem to fade lighter after the treatment the next day.

Loh Ling Ying HydroPeel Facial

Loh Ling Ying HydroPeel Facial day 2

On the second day after the facial, my face broke out a little but I assumed it might be the wrong skin products I used or the acne supplement I took that is showing its side effect. Nevertheless, I took care of the problem and made sure I moisturize my skin well every day.

Loh Ling Ying - before-after HydroPeel Facial

It has been almost a week since the facial and my pores are still very clean. I’m definitely looking forward to the next appointment with Veritas! Good skin provides great confidence too! I’m pretty sure Veritas will be a big help in my goal for achieving great skin.

Thank you Veritas! See you at my next appointment!

-Loh Ling Ying, 26, HydroPeel Facial


Veritas Clinic - https://veritas.com.sg/
Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #B2-35 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905

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