Made in Singapore: Why you should choose to get breast augmentation locally

Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation in Singapore costs around the region of $2000-2500. While breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, it is generally a straightforward procedure and costs are quite standard across the board. If the price is higher than expected, it is usually because of the clinic you chose and the post-operative care that they offer.

Breast augmentation, also commonly known as breast enlargement, is a popular cosmetic procedure that enlarges the size and enhances the shape of the breasts with the use of breast implants. Typically, the most preferred choice of material for breast implants is silicone gel.

In Singapore, breast enlargement is becoming more and more sought-after by:

  • Women who are in their early 20-30s who have a smaller cup size.

These women want to give their appearance and confidence a boost with a fuller chest through breast augmentation.

  • Women who have given birth.

After single or multiple pregnancy and breastfeeding, women’s breasts tend to sag and lose their shape. For this reason, a lot of women turn to breast augmentation post-delivery.

Where to get a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation

There are many credible clinics in Singapore that offer breast augmentation procedure and many Singaporeans opt to have their breast augmentation procedure in these clinics. However, because of various factors, there is also a large percentage of women who choose to have their breast augmentation procedure done overseas. Countries such as Thailand and South Korea have become a popular choice among women seeking breast enlargement procedures.

Each surgery involves risks and breast augmentation surgeries are no different. If you are still weighing your options whether to have your breast augmentation procedure locally in Singapore or in another country, it is important to know the different advantages and disadvantages for both options first before committing to any procedure.

This article aims to help you have a more informed decision and avoid the associated risks.

Is it advisable to have breast augmentation overseas?

While there is completely nothing wrong with having breast augmentation overseas, based from many years of experience working with patients, I have observed that some women who got their breast augmentation procedure in other countries manage to have several complications. Some patients even report that their desired result was not achieved, and they go home disappointed.

Of course, this is not to say that those who choose to have breast augmentation here in Singapore will not experience complications and women who choose to have it overseas will always have unsatisfactory results. Since breast augmentation is a medical procedure, the result will always vary from person to person.

Advantages of choosing to have breast augmentation procedure in countries like Thailand and Korea over Singapore.

The following are the enticing reasons why Singaporeans easily choose to go to Thailand or Korea for their breast augmentation procedure:

  1. Breast enlargement surgeries in Thailand are way cheaper.

In Thailand, the cost of breast enlargement surgeries is significantly cheaper compared to the Singaporean rate. Most of the time, the difference can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  1. In Korea, there is an abundance of clinics that offer discounted prices.

The cost of breast augmentation in Singapore and Korea do not have a significant difference.  Still, many Singaporeans choose to go to Korea because there are a lot of clinics that offer discounts on their procedures.

  1. People consider Korea as the global centre for plastic surgery.

Korea is considered as the global centre for plastic surgery by a lot of people worldwide. And because of this branding, the idea of having a Korean plastic surgeon perform your breast augmentation procedure is attracting a lot of Singaporean patients.

  1. A trip abroad entails for a holiday.

After the procedure, most patients give themselves the reward of a much-needed vacation and tour around and have fun in a foreign country.

Disadvantages of choosing to have breast augmentation procedure in countries like Thailand and Korea over Singapore.

Why would anyone choose to have their breast augmentation locally with all these enticing benefits of going overseas for breast augmentation?

Here, we discuss the reasons why Thailand and Korea can offer breast enlargement at such cheap prices and how it can be disadvantageous for patients.

  1. Your desired outcome may not be fully expressed because of the language barrier.

Choosing to get your breast augmentation overseas may lead to challenges especially because the language is different.

Even when you have someone who can translate for you, expressing what you really want can be very tricky if you and your doctor do not understand each other.

You may not even know or understand what a foreign surgeon may put in your breasts because you are not familiar with the language.

  1. Cheaper cost of breast augmentation may compromise quality.

It cannot be denied that the cost of breast enlargement in Thailand versus the cost in Singapore is significantly different. The cost of a pair of silicone breast implants in Singapore can range from SGD$2000-2500 while in Thailand,  a pair of silicone breast implants can only cost from SGD $600-750.

If you think that you can save a lot of money in Thailand or Korea, you also need to consider the quality of service and results you are about to receive. Cheaper prices are usually associated with lower quality.

  1. Lower quality increases the risk of complications.

Fixing complications will require additional treatments and surgeries - thus will require you to spend more. Before considering cheaper prices, always make sure to choose the breast augmentation procedure that will save you money in the long run.

  1. Breast augmentation abroad usually prioritises quantity over quality.

Although not all, a lot of clinics abroad prioritise quantity over quality. In essence, these clinics charge less but compensate their earnings by performing as many procedures as possible in a day. Imagine an exhausted doctor doing your surgery. Sounds pretty scary right? Also, the quality of breast enlargement that may result from a rushed procedure will be greatly compromised.

  1. Lesser consultation time for breast augmentation procedure to be discussed.

In addition, since these doctors perform breast augmentation on a lot of patients in a day, the time for your appointment may not be sufficient to cover proper consultation and procedure. Remember that proper dialogue with your doctor is very important.

If your time with your doctor becomes limited, there may be a chance that your procedure and the expected results will not be discussed very well. It is vital that you really understand everything before committing to a surgical procedure.

  1. Unsatisfactory breast augmentation results.

In some clinics overseas, because of the bulk of patients to be attended to, you may only be given less than 30 minutes to select your implants and then the doctor will immediately go on with the procedure—not enough time in my opinion. This may result in unsatisfactory results and may require replacement and additional surgeries.

  1. Breast augmentation is performed by non-qualified surgeons.

Getting breast enlargement procedure from at cheaper cost by a non-qualified professional can be very risky and unsafe. Some doctors and patients say that breast enlargement surgeries overseas are performed by non-qualified surgeons and even by general practitioners! Before choosing your doctor, make sure that he/she is accredited and fully trained to perform breast augmentation.

Why should you choose to get breast augmentation in Singapore


  1. Qualified doctors only.

In Singapore, breast augmentation is expensive for a reason. This is due to the fact that only qualified plastic surgeons are permitted to perform breast augmentation surgeries. In Singapore, there are very strict regulations regarding this matter, so you can rest assured that only qualified surgeons can perform breast augmentation surgeries.

  1. Effective communication.

In Singapore, you certainly won’t have to worry about any confusion because you and your doctor will be able to communicate effectively. Your desired outcome can be discussed and achieved thoroughly without any hassle.

  1. Postoperative care and follow-ups.

After the surgery is done, the process does not end yet. As important as the procedure itself, postoperative care should also be given attention. Typically, breast enlargement is a relatively low-risk procedure. If you manage to develop complications and need to talk to your doctor as soon as possible, wouldn’t it be more convenient if your doctor is just one call away?

It would be a great inconvenience to fly back to Bangkok or Seoul Thailand every time you need to see your surgeon or to correct or treat something. Also, unless you have made it clear before the procedure, there is no assurance that these overseas clinics will entertain you again to fix what went wrong. Some might even charge you extra fees.

In addition, one of the most feared complications with breast augmentation is breast implant infection where the breast implants are required to be removed. Infections need urgent treatment therefore, it is better to have your doctor close at hand in case you need to be hospitalised to be fully treated.

As doctors, it is part of our duty to help patients to have a better understanding of the procedures, optimal possible results, after-care and treatment—especially when dealing with invasive surgery such as breast augmentation.

Note that breast enlargement is a lifelong commitment—meaning, you will have to live with these breast implants for the rest of your life, so it is of paramount importance that you fully understand the procedure. Make sure that your breast enlargement procedure will be performed by a well-trained and accredited doctor you can truly trust.

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