My Double Eyelid Journey with Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore

Dream Plastic Surgery review

There is a saying that goes, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul”. But if you’re of an Asian descent, the windows can appear half open and less attractive. Such is the case with me; I had monolids my whole life, and I’ve tried every possible beauty tricks to create the illusion of bigger eyes – eyelid tapes, fake lashes, eyeliner, mascara – you name it, I’ve done it.

My Double Eyelid Journey princess eyes

My Double Eyelid Journey

There is certainly some truth to the appeal of wanting these Disney-princess size eyes: We often associate them with youth and a wide-eyed look also conveys well-rested alertness. Being a royalty sure is nice, but looking ready to conquer the world before that morning coffee is everything and more!

As a businesswoman who is actively on the go, I yearn for a more permanent enhancement without relying too much on makeup. While it does many wonders, the inconsistent outcome that makeup delivers and the amount of time put in to perfect the desired eye look proved to be simply too tiresome for me. I’ve always been that girl who is outgoing and vivacious, and I want that personality to match my outlook. After much research and deliberations, I finally took the big step to make my Korean-style double eyelids come true.

Why I Chose Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Dream Plastic Surgery is the first and only authentic Korean Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery clinic in Singapore with strong Korean roots – its partner, Dream Medical Group, ranks among the top plastic surgery group in South East Asia with a clientele consisting of some of the biggest Korean names.

I’ve been to a few Korean clinics previously, but nothing beats the overall experience here. At Dream, patient care and service are exceptional through and through. Whether you’re doing a small treatment or a big procedure, the medical team with decades of experience between them gives undivided one-on-one attention for patients. I’ve also noticed that the staff works well with the doctor; since they are going to be involved in the procedure, it’s really important that they have an authentic positive dynamic.

Choosing Dream Plastic Surgery is a natural choice for me since I’ve known Dr Vincent Yeow for a number of years already. On top of that, I had done jaw botox and buccal fat removal in the past under his care, and I’ve seen how amazing some patients and my friends looked after their rhinoplasty (check out @randolph_tan. His nose looks really natural) and double-eyelid surgeries. Since I’m looking to have some delicate work done on my face, I definitely go back to him. I just have a better sense of assurance under his care.

Talk With Dr Vincent Yeow

After careful examination of my eyes, Dr Vincent recommended me the Non-Incisional Double Eyelid and Medial Epicanthoplasty surgeries to boost my almond-shaped eyes.

For those who are less acquainted with these terms, Non-Incisional Double Eyelid – which is also known as Suture Upper Blepharoplasty – creates long-lasting natural crease lines by weaving sutures underneath my skin. Paired with the eye-widening Medial Epicanthoplasty that eliminates the triangular-shaped epicanthic fold, the result will be bigger and noticeably vivid looking eyes.

Throughout the entire consultation, I felt at ease and constantly assured. Dr Vincent answered all my queries in detail and provide past patients’ before and after pictures as a visual aid. Dr Vincent’s advice was also easy for me to understand. His explanations were clear, concise and to the point. I requested for a natural look and I didn’t want the crease to be too high or unnatural. We discussed my expectation and tapered eyelid crease was recommended for my case. We finalized the procedure plan after he simulated the way my eyes will look after surgery and I had a glimpse of how I look with permanent double eyelids. The nurses then followed-up with instructions and proper explanation of what I should expect after the procedure, which really helps with my mental preparation.

Road to Recovery

Giving my eye area additional care and following their post-surgery instructions conscientiously, recovery after the double eyelid procedure was relatively fast and smooth. There is slight but expected to swell on my eyelid but by the 5th day, it went down significantly.

My Double Eyelid Journey recovery

The removal of the stitches was not as painful as I had anticipated and the result was very much to my delight; my eyes were evidently bigger, brighter and I definitely looked ‘friendlier’. On the 7th day, I was able to apply makeup and life pretty much sprung back to normal.


With the swelling out of the window, I am back in action, only this time, happier than before. It felt liberating to be able to do minimal makeup without spending too long on my eyes, it has seriously cut my dolling up time in half! Dr Vincent’s skilful technique is reflected in not only the natural curve of my crease fold but also the stunning transformation from my initial small pair of eyes into elegant almond-shaped peepers.

My Double Eyelid Journey results

When I looked back at old photos, I couldn’t be more proud of what I have accomplished today; the girl in the pictures is now a better version of herself. For me, self-esteem or pressure had nothing to do with my decision to get plastic surgery – it was just about having a determined goal in mind and working towards that.

Beauty is something personal – I think everyone should make informed choices about what they’re going to do with their own bodies and faces. At the end of the day, if getting your eyelids done, putting on hair extensions or wearing coloured contacts makes you feel great and empowered, I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, who are we to shame someone else for doing something for themselves, right?

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