Patient Stories

Loh Ling Ying Review of Veritas Clinic Skin Treatment

March 22, 2019
Loh Ling Ying

Being an actor/model, my job consists of having different types of makeup on my face often and also maintaining good skin is a given in this line of work. It’s…

Best Facial Treatments – Reviews by Singapore Bloggers

February 13, 2019
No filter needed after facial!

The Best Facial Treatments in Singapore That Will Have You Glowing from Within! Even with proper skin care routine and healthy eating,  there are still a lot of factors that…

Fat Freezing Reviews: How to Lose Fats in a Non-Invasive Way

February 9, 2019
Bruising is part of the process, but is nothing that you should worry about.

Our body needs food to perform well; that is no doubt true. In the past years, we have seen so many innovations when it comes to the culinary world. Different…

Coolsculpting Reviews As Experienced by Singapore Beauty Bloggers

February 9, 2019
The CoolSculpting applicator is fixed under the chin to work on freezing the excess fats.

During recent years, more and more people have become body conscious. Some due to health concerns, while others for aesthetic reasons. Because of this, different diet fads and exercises have…

Singapore Beauty Bloggers` Take on Ultherapy

February 3, 2019
This photo grabbed from Ju Ann’s Instagram account shows her glowing and skin-tight face 2 months after her Ultherapy treatment

American supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley glows youthfully at 64. Sixty-four! Impossible? Yes, by nature, but definitely possible by aesthetic procedures! I’ll let you in on Christie’s secret. It’s none…

My Double Eyelid Journey with Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore

January 29, 2019
Dream Plastic Surgery review

There is a saying that goes, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul”. But if you’re of an Asian descent, the windows can appear half open and less attractive….

The Journey to Fuller Breasts Through Breast Augmentation

January 28, 2019
Here’s a more confident Evelyn flaunting her newly enhanced breasts.

A body asset that some women want to look good in is the breast. Unfortunately, not all are blessed with well-formed and voluptuous breasts that are often seen on the…

Pigmentation Removal Reviews by Singapore Bloggers

January 26, 2019
The doctor takes a close examination on Maybeline’s skin pigmentation.

Asian skin is known for being active in producing melanin. Melanin is a component of the skin that is responsible for pigments that give its colour. It also protects the…

Singapore Blog Reviews on Pico Lasers

January 22, 2019
pico laser treatment results soft skin

Over the years, the aesthetic industry has developed several treatments and procedures that offer improvements to a variety of problems concerning the skin. Lasers, for instance, have been go-to equipment…

Reviews on Hair Removal Treatments by Singapore Bloggers

January 21, 2019
Bright and light! IPL removes all those unwanted hair and whitens the underarms, too!

Hair. We all have it. Some have an abundance of it. So abundant that they actually crawl all over the body instead of only concentrating on certain parts where they…

Singapore Blog Reviews on Facial Laser Treatment

January 11, 2019
This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion

Laser Facial Review by Airin Lee In this blog, beauty enthusiast Airin Lee shares about her facial laser experience with the use of a combination of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG…

Your Cheat Sheet on Tattoo Removal in Singapore

January 9, 2019
Xinyi’s tattoo significantly changed and turned lighter after her first session.

Tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea. Although times today have been more accepting of this artistic expression, some people who have them wake up one day with regret and…

Mole Removal in Singapore (Blog Review)

January 8, 2019
Target locked: this mole on Jacqueline’s chin is about to be removed.

For many Asians, the sight of moles on their bodies is not unusual. Supermodel Cindy Crawford gained popularity back in the days when she referred to the mole on her…

Rejuran Healer Reviews From Singapore Bloggers

January 7, 2019
Men generally have more and larger pores than women.

Have you ever looked closely at the face of babies and wished you had the same flawless and pore-less skin as you age? Let’s face it. None of us is…

Singapore Bloggers Acne Scar Treatment Reviews

January 4, 2019
A closer look on Yvonne’s face shows scars that vary in depth and shape.

Acne, if there was one thing that I dreaded in getting, it is acne. A lot of us have had our own bouts with acne at one point in our…


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