Perfect Vision for a Clear Future: How Lasik Surgery Can Help


Singapore is a highly myopic country. The prevalence of myopia, or short-sightedness, is one of the highest in the world, with 65% of those aged 12, and 85% of young adults in Singapore suffering from some degree of short-sightedness. In the past, that meant being forced to wear thick, ugly, and nerdy spectacles to see clearly again. Thankfully, these days, spectacles are less bulky, and contact lenses are also a great option for those who suffer from vision difficulties. However, nothing can compete with having perfect vision restored, and that is why more and more people are turning towards Lasik surgery to help correct their vision permanently.

What is Lasik surgery?

Lasik surgery is a type of surgery that uses laser to correct your vision by changing the shape of your cornea, hence reducing your dependency on spectacles or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is a straightforward outpatient surgery that takes only about 15 minutes per eye, though some care must be taken after the surgery to avoid complications and prolong the effects of the surgery.

Is Lasik surgery suitable for me?

Lasik surgery is suitable for people who are short-sighted by up to 1,000 degrees, long-sighted by up to 300 degrees or suffer from astigmatism by up to 300 degrees. Lasik surgery resolves these vision difficulties, allowing you to see clearly again without the hassle of having to wear spectacles or put on contact lenses. Not having to wear contact lenses daily to see clearly also greatly reduces your risk of getting an eye infection.

However, Lasik surgery is unsuitable for those who are under 18 years old because the eye is still gradually changing until that age. Lasik is also unsuitable for those who suffer from other eye diseases like cataracts. Furthermore, those with thin or irregularly shaped corneas might not be able to receive Lasik surgery. Please consult your doctor to find out if you suffer from any of these eye-related issues, so that he will be able to provide you with medical recommendations specific to your circumstances.

Should I have Lasik done in one eye at a time or both at the same time?

Unless special advice is given by your doctor, Lasik can usually be done on both eyes during the same surgical session. Unlike in the past, new technological capabilities allow doctors to know whether complication should be expected before proceeding with the surgery, making Lasik safer than ever before. Having both eyes done in the same surgical session also means that the recovery time needed is also reduced to a minimum, allowing you to resume your normal daily activities within days of your surgery.

How long do the effects of Lasik surgery last?

Lasik is a permanent solution for perfect vision, with results lasting more than a decade after the surgery if you care for your eyes properly. However, a small minority of patients may require another surgery to enhance their vision within a decade of the original Lasik surgery.

What special care do I need to take after Lasik eye surgery?

Special care is very important in the immediate period after the surgery as your eyes heal themselves. Blurry vision for the first 6 hours after the surgery is normal, but that also means that you will need someone to accompany you home, or have transport arranged for you after the surgery. Eye shields will also have to be worn for about one week after the surgery to prevent accidental touching or rubbing of your eyes during the recovery period.

Overall, patients can resume most of their activities within a few days of their surgery. However, restrictions would still apply, especially when it involves the possibility of water droplets or foreign objects entering the eye area, and thus possibly causing an infection. That means that you cannot swim, play contact sports, or do activity that is too vigorous in the weeks after your Lasik surgery.

What are the risks for Lasik surgery?

There are always certain risks for every surgical procedure, and it is natural that we are especially concerned with any complications that can arise since this might affect our vision. Fortunately, Lasik is an extremely low risk surgery, with a minimal risk of a serious complication like an infection during the procedure. It also helps that technological improvements mean that the lasers are more accurate than ever before, hence making Lasik extremely safe.

Is Lasik surgery subsidized in Singapore?

In Singapore, Lasik surgery is classified as a cosmetic procedure and hence, is not eligible for Medisave payments or subsidies. However, in specific circumstances, such as when your doctor certifies that you cannot tolerate contact lenses or spectacles, you might be able to use Medisave to reduce some of your costs.

Most Lasik surgery in Singapore costs between $3,000 and $4,000 for both eyes. The upfront cost might sound expensive, but you must remember that it is a highly effective and safe treatment that will help you restore your vision with almost immediate effects. While spectacles can also allow you perfect vision, they are cumbersome, ugly and can inhibit you in some activities, such as when playing sports. Contact lenses allow you to look more natural and allow you to do more activities without worrying about vision difficulties. However, there is also a higher risk of suffering from dry eyes or having an eye infection if proper care is not strictly maintained on a day to day basis. Furthermore, the cost of contact lenses will also add up in the long run, making Lasik surgery still the best option for those who want to look good and see clearly.

After needing to wear spectacles to see clearly, Lasik surgery almost feels like a miracle. No longer would you need to struggle to find your spectacles in the morning or suffer from dry eyes because of contact lenses. I hope the information provided in this article helped you to understand more about the benefits of Lasik surgery, allowing you to see perfectly the clear future that awaits those who opt for this safe, effective and life-changing day surgery.

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