Permanent Hair Removal: Is Laser the Best Treatment Option for You?

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Hair is made of a special tough protein known as keratin that grows all over our body. While hair is desirable on some parts of our bodies, like on our head, it can be unwanted on others, such as on our arms, underarms, back, and legs. Removing unwanted hair is important as we go about our social and professional lives as it keeps us looking well-groomed and presentable. This beauty goal, when achieved, can also increase our self-esteem and self-confidence. While unwanted hair can be removed on a daily basis by shaving, this becomes impractical for those who have a hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, permanent hair removal using laser energy is now available, making the removal of unwanted hair hassle-free.

What are the treatment options available for permanent hair removal?

There are many ways to remove hair permanently, but laser energy hair removal treatments are amongst the most effective and long-lasting methods available today. Laser treatments for permanent hair removal are popular because they are generally very safe and low risk treatments. It also keeps pain to a minimum while being extremely effective. It’s non-invasive and non-surgical nature also means that the downtime needed following the treatment is kept to a minimum, allowing you to resume you normal daily activities shortly after the treatment ends and causing minimum disruption to your daily life.

Am I suited for permanent hair removal treatments?

Laser hair removal is suitable for any individual who would like to remove unwanted hair from almost any part of their body, such as on their legs, underarms and even on the upper lip. However, this treatment is unsuitable for removing hair near the eye. Laser hair removal treatments are also most effective against darker hair colours, hence visible results might take longer for those with blond, white and grey hair.

Does permanent hair removal really get rid of hair forever?

While laser hair treatments do not get rid of hair forever, it is no less a permanent hair removal treatment that can last for several years. How long the results of the treatment will last is difficult to estimate because it depends on your hair growth cycle and stage. However, the treatment not only removes hair, it also disrupts hair growth, meaning that any hair that grows in the future would be finer and lighter. In addition, hair growth in the treatment area will also be lower in density and slower than before, making this an effective and long-lasting treatment.

Laser hair removal in professional beauty studio.

Is it painful?

You should expect mild discomfort during laser hair removal treatments, but the pain level is usually easily tolerable for most patients. A warm sensation and a minor prickling feeling are normal and can be expected during the treatment session. A topical anaesthetic cream, which is administered before the laser treatment begins, will reduce the level of discomfort throughout the treatment.

How many sessions of treatment would I need?

Although visible results can be seen from the first session, you should take at least 6 treatment sessions spaced across well-planned intervals for optimal results. While 15-20% of hair reduction is noticeable after the first session, subsequent sessions will be necessary to ensure that any hair regrowth in the treatment area will be of a lower density and finer than before. The treatment interval also needs to be properly timed to ensure that hair regrowth is prevented in the treatment area. The exact interval depends on how quickly hair in the treatment area regrows, hence it is important to consult with your doctor to determine the best interval rate for your specific circumstance.

Are there any side effects associated with permanent hair removal treatment?

Although laser hair removal treatments are extremely safe, as with all cosmetic treatments, there is still a very small amount of risk involved. There might be some minor and temporary side effects such as redness, discomfort and swelling on the treatment area. However, these usually resolve themselves in a few days. Moisturizers can also be used on areas of the skin that become drier as a result of the treatment to prevent any scarring or infection from taking hold. Those with darker skin tones might also see skin lightening as a side effect of the treatment.

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How much do these treatments cost in Singapore?

The price for laser hair removal treatment start from about $150-$200 per session, depending on the reputation of the clinic and the experience level of the doctor. However, keep in mind that more than one session is necessary for good results. Some clinics also offer packages where purchasing more sessions at once will reduce the cost of an individual session. These are worth considering if you are serious about getting good results from the permanent hair removal treatment, but you should consult your doctor before making any commitments. It is only after a consultation that the doctor can better estimate the number of sessions are required to achieve your hair removal goals.

Those who suffer from anxiety or low self-esteem because of unwanted hair growth should give laser hair removal treatments serious consideration. These modern laser treatments remain one of the safest, most effective and painless options available to remove unwanted hair from most parts of the body permanently. Although the full course of treatment will take several months, results start to become visible soon after the completion of the first session. Furthermore, completing the doctor’s recommended course of treatments would allow you to live your life without worrying about unwanted hair growth for the years to come, hence ensuring that you would always look well-kept in all social and professional settings.

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