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Pigmentation Review

I love nature and I always go outdoors for walks in the evening after work, but this also means that my skin is exposed to the sun very often. When I was younger, I didn’t see the need to put on sunscreen, but as I grew older I started to see pigmentation spots on my skin. I was concerned that I would look old and ugly with these pigmentation spots, so I started using all sorts of creams to lighten the pigmentation, but nothing really helped. 

I kept researching on the best ways to remove pigmentation permanently, and I finally came across PICOMAX, a laser programme that Ozhean Zoey offered, and decided to give it a go. 

The doctors explained that there would be 3 types of special lasers involved. The first is the Proyellow Laser that helps to brighten the skin, and the second is the Curas Advanced Nano Laser for hyperpigmentation like mine, and lastly, the Pico Laser that stimulates collagen production. They also explained that there would be post-care where they apply calming lotions to moisturise and soothe the skin. 

At first, I was afraid that the laser treatment might be painful, so I asked the doctors about it, and they told me that they will apply a numbing cream so it should be comfortable and pain-free. True enough, the procedure didn’t hurt at all. It was also surprisingly fast, only about 1 hour plus including the post-care treatments. I was very happy that it took only one session to see the effect. As you can see from the pictures, my pigmentation spots completely disappeared and my complexion cleared up. My face looks healthy and bright, and not old at all.

I was worried that my skin would be sensitive for a while after the treatment, but I realised that the post-care treatment ensured that my skin remained calm even after the treatment. I could put on makeup and use mild cleansers without any worry. 

After the procedure, my doctor advised me to use sunscreen every time I go out so that I can prevent the reoccurrence of the pigmentation spots. He is really very patient and understood that I like to go out often and cannot avoid the sun all the time. 

He was also very professional throughout the entire consultation and answered all my questions properly so I was at ease throughout the entire process. Having paid only about $450, I feel that the results are really worth the time and money. The service is excellent and the assistants are very friendly and they even chatted with me about my hobbies and my work.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the outcome of the PICOMAX treatment, and I feel more confident about my appearance now. Even my husband and children said I look younger. I am pleased to say that I have resumed going outdoors with sunscreen on, and I would definitely recommend PICOMAX to anyone having pigmentation issues like me.


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