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The doctor takes a close examination on Maybeline’s skin pigmentation.

Asian skin is known for being active in producing melanin. Melanin is a component of the skin that is responsible for pigments that give its colour. It also protects the skin from developing certain cancers.

Singaporeans, being in a tropical climate, are prone to sun exposure every day. This increases the possibility of the skin to overproduce melanin, especially when it is not protected with sunscreen. A bare face is a candidate for one unflattering facial impurity that is caused by this — extreme pigmentation.

Dark spots on the face that make the skin’s colour uneven can determine pigmentation flaws. If you have this skin problem, you will be glad to know that there are several ways available to bring back your flawless skin!

Here are some pigmentation removal reviews as experienced by Singapore beauty advocates!

Pigmentation Removal by Regina Chow

Regina chow has battled with pigmentation since her teenage years. She has tried a lot of topical creams and aesthetic treatments, and just as she was about to give up on finding a cure for her skin imperfection, the Q-Switched Laser presented its self!

A consultation with her doctor started Regina’s journey to being pigmentation free. She discloses that the doctor pointed out that her skin flaw is called a Hor’s naevus. This type of pigmentation is usually caused by hormonal changes and sun exposure.

Prior to the Q-Switched Laser session, Regina’s face was cleaned. Her makeup was removed and numbing cream was applied to her entire face. During her succeeding sessions (the doctor recommended 5), the numbing cream was skipped, as the doctor was able to perform the procedure expertly and in a quick manner. Then, the laser treatment ensued.

The Q-Switched Laser prides itself for pigmentation removal.
The Q-Switched Laser prides itself for pigmentation removal.

Regina recalls that the first pigmentation removal treatment was pain-free, thanks to the numbing cream. There was some discomfort felt in the succeeding treatments, but it was tolerable. Regina likens the pain to mild ant bites.

Post-care treatment is of utmost priority, as Regina points out. She mentions that she made a conscious effort in avoiding the sun and was religiously applying sunblock on her face to avoid pigmentation relapse.

Pigmentation is gone!
Pigmentation is gone!

For downtime, Regina says that she experienced some redness and mild darkening of the treated area that can be concealed with makeup.

After several sessions with Q-Switched Laser, Regina’s face looked totally reborn!  Q-Switched Laser has successfully erased the patches of heavily pigmented skin right below her eyes!

No need to worry about concealing anything

You can read about Regina’s entire pigmentation removal experience here.

Discovery Pico Review by Michelle Hon

Michelle’s introduction of her pigmentation spot is very amusing. I am assuming that regular readers of her blog are already familiar with this area on her face as she mentions that this is the skin flaw that she always treated using skin lightening products. Needless to say, those products did not work, as Michelle had to turn to laser treatment to finally put her longing for an effective pigmentation removal procedure to rest.

In her blog, Michelle reviews the Discovery PICO laser. Michelle also mentions that she had some freckles removed on top of the pigmentation spots.

Mandatory photo op prior to the pigment removal treatment.
Mandatory photo op prior to the pigment removal treatment.

Her treatment started with a quick consultation with a dermatologist. A machine was then used to take a photo of her face prior to the treatment proper. After which, Michelle’s face was cleaned and daubed with numbing cream. For people with low pain tolerance like her, Michelle discloses that you can ask to have local anaesthetic administered to your face. The numbing cream was left for 20 minutes on Michelle’s face. After this, the pigment removal treatment was administered to Michelle’s face with the use of the Discovery PICO laser. Michelle remembers feeling the laser’s pulse on her skin, but it was a mere tingling sensation and did not hurt one bit.

Q-Switched laser destroys the dark spots by targeting the deep layers of the skin with heat that destroys the pigments.
Q-Switched laser destroys the dark spots by targeting the deep layers of the skin with heat that destroys the pigments.

Michelle’s face turned red after the treatment and the areas with the pigmentation appeared upraised and dark. No worries though, as these will turn into scabs in the days following and will naturally fall off, revealing a clearer complexion.

Downtime was not a problem as Michelle says, that she was even able to shop after her pigment removal and did not get any stares.

Almost spotless 3 weeks after only 1 pigment removal session!
Almost spotless 3 weeks after only 1 pigment removal session!

Discovery PICO’s results happen gradually. As shown in Michelle’s photos, the pigmentation spot became very light just after her 1st laser treatment! Totally rad! In addition to this, Michelle happily discloses that her skin tone continued to improve daily. Her skin was glowing even without any makeup on.

If you want to read everything that Michelle had to say about this stupendous pigment removal procedure, you can find her review at her blog site: thechillmom.com.

Removing Birthmark on My Face by Maybeline

 You cannot argue with me on this: Maybeline has a very pretty face! Yes? But despite this fact, would you believe that there is something on her face that she actually hates?

The doctor takes a close examination on Maybeline’s skin pigmentation.
The doctor takes a close examination on Maybeline’s skin pigmentation.

In her blog review, Maybeline reveals that she has an unflattering birthmark located at the lower right side of her lips. She mentions that this darkened spot caused her to do extra effort on putting makeup every morning since she had to make sure it was all hidden. Hence, her pursuit to look for the perfect pigmentation removal procedure that could erase this blemish away.

This procedure can be painful if without the assistance of numbing cream.
This procedure can be painful if without the assistance of numbing cream.

After a consultation with her doctor, they agreed to have the Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment applied on her face. This treatment is non-invasive and is highly recommended to improve other skin imperfections aside from pigmentation. Maybeline mentions that the treatment was painful, but thanks to the numbing cream that was put on prior to the treatment, she did not feel anything. The procedure was done in 2 to 3 minutes. That fast!

It took 3 sessions for Maybeline’s birthmark to fully disappear.
It took 3 sessions for Maybeline's birthmark to fully disappear.

Maybeline shares that there was no downtime in this procedure and that a patient can immediately apply makeup on after the treatment. Maybeline bid her birthmark goodbye after 3 sessions!

Too good to be true? Read Maybeline's full account here.

Got my Freckles Removed! By Ju Ann

This review is done by a laser connoisseur. Ju Ann admits at the start of her blog that she has undergone several laser treatments and can attest to their effectiveness.

Who knew pregnancy can cause pigmentation?
Who knew pregnancy can cause pigmentation?

Ju Ann narrates that freckles started showing up on her face after giving birth to her second son. The doctor examined her face and assured her that this can be treated with ease using two lasers: Dual Yellow Laser and the Q-Switched ND:Yag Laser.

Two lasers were used to zap out all the freckles off of Ju Ann’s face.
Two lasers were used to zap out all the freckles off of Ju Ann’s face.

As you may have noticed, steps in doing laser treatments are very similar. Ju Ann’s treatment also used a numbing cream to lessen the discomfort when the laser touched her skin. She mentions, however, that aside from the numbing cream, a cold blower may also be used on your face to reduce the painful sensation. This pigment removal also does not have any downtime.

Freckles free!
Freckles free!

After the treatment, Ju Ann says that she had some scabbing on her face. The colour of the scabs appeared to be darker than the pigments. I’m thinking this is because the laser burned the skin off. The scabs eventually disappeared after a week. Since Ju Ann’s freckles were light, the laser treatment was able to remove the pigmentations in just one session.

Check out Ju Ann’s more of successful pigment removal here.


Now that you know different treatments to remove those melanin-induced skin blemishes, you can kiss your stubborn pigmentations adieu! Goodbye uneven skin tone!

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