Rejuran Healer Reviews From Singapore Bloggers

Men generally have more and larger pores than women.

Have you ever looked closely at the face of babies and wished you had the same flawless and pore-less skin as you age?

Let’s face it. None of us is blessed with perfect skin.

Skin type varies from person to person. It can be dry, oily, or a combination of both. Generally, Asian skin is prone to producing more oil, as compared to African or Western people. This is one of the reasons attributing to the existence of those blasted pimples (can you relate?). Also, the melanin present in Asian skin is considerably higher than other race, which makes us more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

I would like to believe that the “Fountain of Youth” exists, but the sad fact is it doesn’t. No matter what we do, nature gets the best of us as we grow OLD - especially our skin. So, in the hopes of preserving youthful beauty and glow, I went on an Internet quest to learn more about the latest craze I have been hearing about: a miracle healer injection that rejuvenates the skin back to having a babyface.

Curious? Read on to find out what Singapore bloggers have to say about their Rejuran healer treatment experience!

I Did Rejuran and the Results Were Shocking! by Jpglicious

My expectations on Rejuran Healer already went up a notch and I haven’t even started reading her piece. The title of her blog review seems to scream about major positive results! If you are suffering from extremely dry skin, this review from Yuna J Cass of Jpglicious is definitely a treat.

Yuna starts off her review with an introduction to her facial flaws. She posts a close-up shot of her face and mapped out her skin problems: dryness, flaking, peeling, redness, sagging, and enlarged pores! She shares that her skin has certain “moods” and that on normal days her skin texture is dry on the sides and oily on the T-zone. Hydration is one of the causes of her skin’s excessive dryness and hydrating masks no longer works on her face.

Yuna’s desperation to find a cure was answered when one reader of her blog recommended Rejuran to her.

Rejuran, as Yuna shares, is a skin repair treatment that contains salmon DNA. She also enumerates the different benefits of Rejuran.

Yuna reveals that Rejuran involves small injections on the face. (Yes, this procedure is not for the faint of heart.) At the start of her procedure, a numbing cream was applied to her face. Yuna asked for extra painkillers since she had low pain tolerance. The numbing cream was left for 30 minutes on her face to take effect.

rejuran healer

Next step, INJECTION! Her face was injected with Rejuran solution. Yuna comments that this procedure was done in 10-15 minutes. She likened the pain she felt to an ant bite or a pimple being popped. Some parts of the face that are sensitive, like the sides of the face and nose, experienced more pain than the others.

As with any beauty procedure: no pain, no gain!
As with any beauty procedure: no pain, no gain!

After the injections, Yuna’s face looked like bees have stung it. There were small bumps called blebs, which she says helps in generating collagen in the skin. Most of the blebs usually disappear after the treatment, while those that remain shrinks the following day. There is no mention of downtime or aftercare needed after treatment.

Yuna’s skin goes from drab to fab!

Yuna discloses that Rejuran healer made her skin glow and she didn’t suffer from dryness, redness, and flaking. As seen in her photo, her skin drastically changed within 2 weeks following her Rejuran treatment. Her face looks radiant, well-hydrated, and flawless!

Indeed, as Yuna’s blog title goes, the results are shocking. To read more about her treatment, click here.

My Rejuran Journey by Kristen Chen

Blogger Kristen Chen shares her search for a treatment that would tackle the root of her skin problems. The result of her last aesthetic procedure was already wearing off due to poor lifestyle choices and stress. She was keen on undergoing treatment with outcomes that are not temporary, so she turns to Rejuran skin healer for help.

Kristen’s Rejuran treatment begins with a doctor’s consultation. The doctor assessed her facial needs and commented that Rejuran would bring improvement on her acne scars as well as strengthen and heal her skin.

Kristen’s face before Rejuran.

Kristen gets prepped up for her Rejuran treatment following the consultation. Her face gets cleaned and numbing cream is applied. A cling wrap is placed over her face, although the science to this step was not explained. The plastic film was removed and the numbing cream was cleansed after some time.

Numbing cream to numb the pain away!
Numbing cream to numb the pain away

The Rejuran liquid was then injected into Kristen’s face manually. She explains that the doctor used an injection instead of a “gun” (which is used for another treatment) as the injection is more precise and the needle is able to penetrate through the skin without wasting the liquid. Kristen felt slight stinging when the liquid was injected on the skin below her eyes. Aside from this, she felt no pain at all.

The Rejuran liquid gets injected manually to ensure precision and avoid waste.
The Rejuran liquid gets injected manually to ensure precision and avoid waste.

Kristen’s procedure took 20 minutes to finish. To eliminate puffiness and discolouration, a special mask was covered over her face. Little bumps filled Kristen’s face after finishing the treatment, but she says that the bumps will fade the day after. As a tip, Kristen advises keeping the skin moisturised and protected with sunscreen. Redness may still be present a day after the treatment, but it can be touched up with makeup.

Redness on Kristen’s face are still visible a day after the treatment.
Redness on Kristen’s face are still visible a day after the treatment.

The results of Rejuran Healer on Kristen’s face began to be noticeable a week later. Her skin looks hydrated and her facial lines smoothened out. As a matter of fact, Kristen was so happy of the results of Rejuran that she already booked 2 more treatments!

A week after the treatment and Kristen’s face looks healthier!
A week after the treatment and Kristen’s face looks healthier!

If you want to be more convinced of Kristen’s Rejuran journey, read her blog here.

I Tried a $4,500 Skin Healing Treatment by Laura M

Laura M’s review of her Rejuran procedure is just short and there are no photos of her procedure. But of all the blogs I’ve mentioned in this article, this is the only one that mentioned the cost of Rejuran healer treatment. And, by golly, it’s a whopping $4,500.00! Now, I am not quite sure if the same goes for the rest. Of course, it’s best to inquire thoroughly first before jumping in for the treatment.

The microneedle on the left is used to inject the Rejuran liquid into the skin.
The microneedle on the left is used to inject the Rejuran liquid into the skin.

Laura’s treatment started with the usual application of the numbing cream. However, her neck also received some lathering apart from her face. After this step, Rejuran was administered to her face using microinjection. She does not mention anything about pain, so I’m thinking the numbing cream did its job perfectly well. To end her procedure, her face was saturated with vitamins through an ultrasound. I wonder if this is similar to the hydrating mask applied in the other Rejuran procedures. All in all, Laura’s treatment took a quick 20 minutes to finish. Aside from redness, she mentions nothing about horrible aftermaths happening to her face after receiving several needle pokes.

As Laura shares, the effects of Rejuran are not visible immediately after the treatment, not like when you get fillers. As her doctor explained, the results will be gradual as the skin heals from within. Skin improvement will appear in 3-5 days later.

Rejuran takes years off the face! Say hello to baby face!
Rejuran takes years off the face! Say hello to baby face!

The results? Amazing supple and healthy-looking skin! Her photos show how her skin progressively improved from being dull to full. Her fine lines and acne marks faded, and over 6 sessions of Rejuran her skin looked younger.

Head on to Laura’s review to know more about her experience. It’s a fairly quick read—probably quicker than the Rejuran treatment itself!

Rejuran Skin Healer is Great On Me by William Tan

Women bloggers usually do most aesthetic reviews and I have often wondered whether the treatment they get on their faces is compatible with men. The skin on men’s face is thicker by composition compared to women’s and they have more pores, too. I was so happy to have stumbled upon William Tan’s blog review on Rejuran Skin Healer as some of my questions will be finally put to rest. I am sure men readers are just as curious as me, so here’s a treat!

William discloses in his blog that having enlarged pores is just one of his many skin problems. To address this, he sets off to undergo a session of Rejuran healer after hearing its benefits that include: anti-ageing, exceptional skin regeneration, and skin smoothness among others.

Men generally have more and larger pores than women.
Men generally have more and larger pores than women.

Before the procedure gets underway, William shares that the doctor assessed his face. Following this, numbing cream was daubed all over the skin on his face and covered with cling film. This is to ensure that he does not feel any pain during the entire procedure. As the cream takes effect, the doctor proceeds to inject the Rejuran liquid on his face.

Rejuran is carefully injected to the target areas on the face.

For his treatment, the liquid was injected on his cheeks (where the dreadful ginormous pores are!) and forehead area. Tiny bumps that look like hives become visible on the areas where the injection penetrated his skin. To soothe and lessen the redness of his skin, William discloses that a mask infused with linseed and aloe vera extract was placed over his face.

And the results are in! Drumroll, please…

The smoothness and suppleness of William’s skin is evident!
The smoothness and suppleness of William’s skin is evident!

William comments that the improvements on his skin were progressive.  Within the first month after the treatment, his skin looked radiant and hydrated. Coming into the second month, William shares some of Rejuran’s effects on his skin: improved elasticity, clear complexion, and most importantly, smaller pores!

The downtime was not a problem after his treatment, as he did not need any, though this may vary from patient to patient.

Check out William’s write up on Rejuran on his blogsite, Only William.

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