The Ladies Cue Founder, Jenny Lee, Review of Artisan Clinic Pico Laser Treatment

As a busy working mother of two young children and founder of two lifestyle platforms (The Ladies Cue and The Babies Cue), any free time I get is spent catching up on sleep or with my family. Being a beauty junkie, I have always enjoyed trying out new skincare products. However, I always felt like I could do more for my skin, especially the nagging pigmentation scar I had on my left cheek which would not go away regardless of how many lightening creams I used. 

Then, I was introduced to The Artisan Clinic and was told that their founder, Dr. Isaac Wong, is an aesthetic doctor renowned for full face rejuvenation. I was a little skeptical initially, but definitely excited. 

At the clinic, I was greeted by their friendly staff who helped me get comfortable and served me hot tea while I waited for my turn. I then met Dr. Isaac himself, who did a thorough review of my skin and explained patiently what my skin was lacking. Due to sun exposure and age, I was experiencing some collagen loss and dehydration on my skin, and the stubborn pigmentation mark on my left cheek was due to freckles from young made worse post-pregnancy. 

I made sure to voice out that I have sensitive skin and did not want anything too invasive or anything that will require a lot of follow up sessions due to my schedule. Dr. Isaac understood my concerns fully, and told me I was not alone as many of his patients are busy working individuals who only have time to come in for treatments during lunch. 

He recommended the Pico Laser treatment and explained thoroughly to me what I can expect, how the laser works, how long the procedure will take and roughly how many sessions needed. He also pulled up some before and after photos and very patiently answered my questions. 

Before starting, Dr. Isaac gently applied a topical numbing cream and said it was to help with any discomfort. The treatment was not uncomfortable at all and a cold air blower was used the entire time. I would liken the sensation of pico laser treatment to a mild pricking sensation, nothing more than an ant bite. 

Dr. Isaac constantly checked in with me on how I was doing and updated me on next steps, which really assured me throughout. The procedure (Pico Laser Treatment) lasted about 30 minutes. 

Immediately post-treatment, there was some warmness and redness that felt like a sunburn. The staff applied a cooling healing growth mask which I had on for 20 minutes. 

For my post-procedure recovery, Dr. Isaac also prescribed Hydrocortisone cream, Teoxane Deep Repair Balm and Artisan Luminous Shield. 


I’ve only done one Picosure session so far but I’m already seeing noticeable results. My pigmentation mark is lighter and my skin in general feels a lot clearer and rejuvenated! I notice that my acne scars and fine lines also seem to be lighter. Just one session and I’m already liking what I see — I can’t wait for the results a few months down the road. Dr. Isaac recommended I do monthly treatments and then maintenance sessions every 2-3 months once I achieve fantastic skin. 

I’m already looking forward to my next appointment. More good skin to come, thank you The Artisan Clinic! 

  • Jenny Lee, Picosure Laser Treatment

The Artisan Clinic

290 Orchard Rd, #07-01 The Paragon, Singapore 238859

+65 8879 7887

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