The Truth About the Most Noticeable Sign of Aging and What You Can Do About It

Saggy skin asian woman ageing

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Ultraformer HIFU III treatment in Singapore costs around $400 up to $2500 depending on the size of the area to be treated. For instance, for full face and neck treatment, the price will be around $1800-$2500 while it can be cheaper for smaller and specific areas ($400 up to $800).

My patients always ask what age-defying treatment I could recommend for them and for their family members who are already approaching the age past their prime. I know like some of my patients, you may feel embarrassed to ask a question like this, but I believe it is perfectly normal and there is nothing to be embarrassed and worried about.

We all undergo the natural process of ageing after all. And like what I always tell them, “age is just a number” and we can always find ways to look healthy and beautiful that will ultimately boost our confidence.

But before I could give recommendations for anti-ageing treatments, first, it is important for us to know and understand the major signs of ageing. The following are the most common signs of ageing:

  • Wrinkles
  • Hollowness on the face and undereye
  • Pigmentation
  • Saggy skin

From these signs, what do think is the most noticeable indication of ageing? Many of my patients think that pigmentation is the most noticeable sign of ageing and I beg to disagree. Undoubtedly, while pigmentation can be visible and alarming—and most of the time bothersome, it’s really not a problem some make-up couldn’t fix!

In my personal opinion, saggy skin is the main culprit for looking older. Obviously, no make-up could fix the laxity of the skin. In fact, for patients who want to look younger, it is recommended to tighten saggy skin before the other signs of ageing. Fixing saggy skin will have the most evident effect on your looks because tighter skin typically equates to youth.

What does saggy skin do to my face?

Over time, as we get older, our skin also changes—a great factor that can also change our face shape and eventually our facial expressions. These two are considered as the two most common effect of saggy skin.

  • Face Shape

Sagginess can often change your face to a more square-ish shape which can sometimes cause a woman’s face to lose its feminine features. A lot of women also tend to look chubby as a result of their saggy skin and can be very unflattering.

  • Facial Expressions

Because of saggy skin, your facial expressions can also be affected. For instance, saggy skin can cause your face and lips to droop giving you a more intimidating look even with a normal expression. Some patients even reported that surprisingly, people said they look upset when in fact, they actually weren’t.

Saggy skin changes in facial shape and expressions

Why does your skin sag as you age?

In the human skin, collagen is the most abundant protein that gives structure and maintains the tightness of the skin. As we age, collagen production slows down by approximately 1-25 annually. This results to the skin losing its firmness and causing it to sag. This process affects women more because even though the rate of collagen loss is the same for both male and female, women usually have thinner skin compared to men.

As shown by research, even surgical methods for facelift cannot stop the decreasing rate of collagen production in your skin. In most cases, the effects of facelift surgery only last from 3 up to 9 years. Also, not a lot of people are lining up to get these invasive methods. If there is a safer alternative, patients will typically prefer that option.

How can I prevent saggy skin?

Sadly, collagen loss comes naturally as we grow older. But even though this process is inevitable, living a healthy lifestyle can always help us decrease the chance of developing the different signs of ageing.

What can I do about my saggy skin?

Fortunately, there are several medical procedures that can tighten saggy skin and other signs of ageing like wrinkles and hollowed undereye areas. One of the most sought-after option is the Ultraformer III.

Ultraformer III is a non-inavsive skin tightening treatment that uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). It works by focusing the ultrasound energy to targeted areas in the skin that in turn stimulates the production of collagen (neocollagenesis) under the skin causing it to tighten over time.

How long does the Ultraformer III HIFU treatment last?

Before the start of your treatment, it is important to have a consultation with your doctor to make sure that you are qualified for the treatment. During the consultation, your doctor will also discuss how the treatment will be performed including aftercare and expected results.

For the treatment proper, it only takes approximately 15-30 minutes to finish. Some patients even undergo treatment during their lunch breaks and return to work normally as if nothing happened.

Usually, one treatment is enough for most patients. However, for best results a second session may be needed after about 5 months from your initial treatment.

Saggy skin hifu treatment in clinic

What results can I expect with Ultraformer III HIFU treatment?

After treatment, immediate results can already be felt. In a period of 2 up to 3 months, the full effect of the treatment will be more evident—giving a tighter, toned and firmer skin for you! With Ultraformer III, your face will return to a more youthful contour and appearance.

Effects of Ultraformer III HIFU last for up to a year and it is advisable to undergo the treatment again when you start to feel the effects wear off.

 Is Ultraformer III HIFU treatment safe?

Ultraformer III HIFU treatment it is approved by the international health authorities: HSA (Singapore), KFDA (Korea) and CE (Europe).

Because Ultraformer III HIFU  is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure, it is a safer alternative to open surgery facelift. Given its non-invasive feature, there is no downtime expected. Also, complications are minimal to zero resulting to reduced to no aftercare at needed at all.

How does  Ultraformer III HIFU treatment cost?

In Singapore, Ultraformer III treatment prices may range from $400 up to $2500 depending on the size of the area to be treated.  For instance, for full face and neck treatment, the cost is between $1800-$2500 while it can be cheaper for smaller and specific areas ($400 up to $800).

As a bonus tip, there are some important pointers to consider before committing to a doctor or clinic for your Ultraformer III HIFU treatment. To make sure you get the safe and reliable treatment, it is important to do your own research and verify the credentials of your prospective physician.

Also, some clinics may charge hidden costs that are not discussed upfront upon consultation, so better ask for a detailed computation of your treatment fee.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Choose doctors you can trust because your safety should be the top priority.

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