What You Need to Know About Thermage – the non Surgical Facelift


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Thermage in Singapore costs around SGD$3500-4500 per session. The price varies from clinic to clinic depending on the size of the target area to be treated, location of the target area, skin sensitivity and doctor’s fees. If a patient somehow develops complications (which is very rare), a follow-up consultation is required. The doctor may prescribe additional medications to treat the complications. Patients should inform their doctors if they have sensitive skin, so the doctor can adjust the treatment accordingly to avoid complications.

The army of cosmetic procedures has recently welcomed a new soldier – Thermage. It is the latest face treatment that helps battle loose skin and wrinkles in a scalpel-free fashion. Below, we will explore what it entails and how effective it is. Read on.

What is Thermage?


It is a minimally invasive treatment designed to remove sagging and tighten the skin, no cuts or stitches. Before we get into the basics of it, let’s talk dermatology. In short, the skin has three layers. The second one, the dermis, is mostly made up of protein we generally refer to as collagen. It not only supports the tissue but also gives us that glowing, supple complexion.

As we age, the production of collagen naturally decreases, leaving us with lines and sags that make us look tired.

Thermage is designed to renew collagen reconstruction. It employs a handheld device which sends radiofrequency energy through the skin and into the dermis. From there, it works to rebuild the body’s most abundant protein.

The main areas to treat include the jawline, eyelids, forehead, stomach, knees, and arms. No follow-up is due, but repeat sessions are needed to sustain the results.

Is it Painful?

During the procedure, you will face some discomfort. But whether that can become unbearable or not depends largely on your tolerance for pain. The other significant factor is how intense the treatment is – some are more invasive than others. In all these cases, a numbing cream can be used to keep the pain to a minimum.

Now, a Thermage CPT is the latest generation of radiofrequency devices. They come with an additional gadget that delivers cooling bursts to soothe the skin. This makes the procedure less painful (CPT stands for Comfort Pulse technology).

Side Effects

We would be lying if we said using Thermage cannot cause any negative reactions. In spite of it being a relatively safe procedure, it can still make your face red or leave a burning sensation for a few days. General soreness and swelling are expected too but should dissipate quickly. The less common side effects include scarring and blistering.

Recovery Period

There is no downtime, so you don’t have to take days off. Then again, this doesn’t convey that your skin will heal right away. It will take a few months before the body’s natural collagen replaces the old tissue. By that time, you will have started to see improvement in your complexion. The full effects will show through at least half a year afterwards.

And while you wait for the miracle to happen, here is something to remember. It is essential to restrain from taking anti-inflammatories for the time being. Medicine like aspirin and ibuprofen can affect the outcome. The procedure uses controlled inflammation to trigger the production of collagen in your skin. So, if you take pills that hamper the process, improvement may not ensue.

Who is it Suitable for?

You will be an ideal candidate if your skin laxity is minimal and you wish to obtain a more youthful complexion. It works both for men and women. As a whole, non-smokers are a better fit than those who regularly consume cigarettes. Age can be a factor too. The older you get, the less receptive to collagen you become. So, the best time to undergo Thermage is between the ages of 30 and 65.

Who Should Steer Clear of the Treatment?

Believe it or not, not everybody can qualify. We are talking about radiofrequency here. That automatically makes a whole bunch of people unsuitable for the procedure, mostly the ones with pacemakers. But if you happen to have other electrical implantable devices, you too should think twice before doing a Thermage session.

Thermage Face Lift Cost

This procedure is valued at around $2,000, although the price can fall in the range of $1,000-$5,000. The price can vary due to a few factors, such as

  • The doctor or clinic you choose
  • The brand of their machinery

What is the Difference Between Thermage and Ulthera?

thermage ultherapy differences

While both treatments are used to improve skin texture and appearance, one employs radiofrequency energy and the other uses ultrasound. So, the difference is in the technology.

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