Things to Know Before Having Lip Fillers

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Health and beauty almost always come hand in hand, and more often than not, one always affects the other. Getting lip fillers is no exception because it physically alters how your face appears to you and to other people. Lip fillers entail a simple intrusive procedure where a type of hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin of the lips to make it plumper or bigger.

What are the lip fillers?

It will make your lips look whichever you desire, however, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you get your lips done.

1. Health concerns

Any form of body alteration come with their own risks and rewards, and since you are probably halfway in thinking this through, you have to consider if you are capable of what lip fillers will entail before and after the procedure.  Do you have sensitive skin? Do you bruise easily? Do you have current prescription medications? Are you prone to cold sores? These are only a few of the things that you need to consider before having your lips done. Of course, the doctors will also check on these, but it’s better to be already prepared beforehand.

If you are sensitive to specific allergens, you may specify this with the doctor during the consultation and provide your health record. If you are not aware of what you are allergic to, it is advisable to have yourself checked first. You can also inquire about the lip filler clinic if they provide a scratch test on an intradermal skin test for allergies to save you some time and effort. You can opt to have the test first at a hospital or specialist before your appointment if they don’t have the service at the clinic of your choice.

Bruising is another factor you have to consider because the filler will intrude under your skin, literally forcing in between skin and muscle. In a sense, it is a minor injury and it depends on your body’s capacity to heal to know how long you will recover from the procedure.

Another concerning factor is your probable tendency to have cold sores. These types of sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus and can easily be contracted through sharing of lip products, utensils or glassware. According to statistics in Singapore, more often than not, people are usually unaware that they are actually carriers of the said virus. If you have been tested vaccinated against these types of viruses, then there is no cause for worry. Cold sores are a cause for concern with having lip fillers because the procedure is aggravating the skin on your lips and may cause an outbreak. If you have never had a case of cold sores in the past, there is lesser need to worry, however, if you have had this case in the past, the doctor may advise you to take Valtrex a few days before the procedure as a precaution.

2. Having the right budget

Considering the health factors related to getting lip fillers done, it is no surprise that their prices can range from 800 to 2000SGD per 1mL, depending on the brand of filler. The clinics involved with such delicate procedures make sure that you get the care that you need. Brands like Juvederm and Restylane are two of the most common brands used, so you can look up reviews related to these fillers and which clinics use these brands. If there are any components in either that you are allergic to, you can also consider looking for other brands in the market that have good reviews. You will want to have your good money spent wisely on yourself.

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3. Finding the right clinic

Body alteration is already becoming more and more common in Singapore. What once was considered taboo is slowly becoming acceptable. Due to this, it isn’t difficult to find a recommendation for a clinic for plastic surgery or other similar clinics. There is a dozen of different clinics offering lip filler services in Singapore but despite recommendations, you have to enter with the mindset that you need to be comfortable with the clinic staff and the doctor who will do the procedure. Remember, even if they have high ratings, but if you feel uncomfortable, you have all the right to turn down a potential procedure from one clinic to look for another one, or to go to your backup one.  Remember, the priority for finding the right clinic is that you can see that they respect your personality and treat you well even before the procedure.

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4. Preparation

The doctor will probably advise you on what to do and what to expect, but for starters, you have to remember to avoid any medicine that has blood thinner components that may affect your bruising rate. Medicines or multivitamins may have these, specifically anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirins, vitamin E or fish oils. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages or coffee drinks, it is also advisable to avoid them for a few days before the procedure.

There is also some conflict about the use of numbing creams before the procedure. Some would opt for it due to the pain the procedure causes, even if numbing cream causes inflammation. Some would opt not to have the cream despite the pain to fully see the effect of the lip filler during the initial injection. If you have high pain tolerance, you can opt out of the cream. Discuss with the doctor of your choices so they would be able to administer the filler according to your preferences.

If you’re not yet sure of how big of a change you want for your lips, you can have half an mL reserved for you for another appointment once your lips are healed and have seen the final result.

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5. Caring for your new lips

As discussed earlier, the procedure will cause some bruising and asymmetry but the clinic will provide you with the appropriate post-injection care. Like any type of bruise, do not aggravate the injury and apply a cold pack as necessary, on and off for several minutes as instructed. Have a topical cream ready for cold sores in case an outbreak occurs. Depending on how the filler forms under your skin, the doctor may advise you for the need to massage your lips now and then to even out the filler.

Despite how much having fillers cost, the effects only last from six months to a year, depending on the brand type. It depends on your preferences on how long you want to have lip fillers or if you want to commit to such augmentations for the long run. If this is your first time, it is advisable to try it out first and see for yourself if having lip fillers is something you want to commit to.

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