Top 3 Aesthetic Clinics Great for Facials in Singapore 2022 Reviewed

Looking to pamper your skin? Get a facial.

Not only does a facial cleanse away pores, exfoliate nasty dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin, it also gives you that instant radiance you need. A good facial session must always involve a consultation for the aesthetician to tailor the treatment according to your skin type.

There are plenty of aesthetic clinics in Singapore that offer facials, with some offering more services than others. It all boils down to your budget and personal preference; but essentially every good aesthetic clinic should have the right environment and utilities to make your facial sessions as comfortable as possible.

We’ve covered the 4 best facial treatments in Singapore, here’s another 3 best aesthetic clinics great for facials in Singapore.

Dr David Ng

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Dr David Ng carries more than 15 years of medical experience with over 30,000 aesthetic treatments under his belt. His clinic, One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic, specialises in treating challenging skin conditions such as severe pigmentation, acne and ageing skin. In a typical month, Dr Ng sees patients from all walks of life, ranging from students and homemakers to executives and professionals. Pre-COVID, he regularly saw international patients from Mongolia to South Korea.

On Google Business Listing, he boasts an impressive 4.9 stars with reviews from satisfied customers.

One Face is primarily known for its clinical facials. Its star treatment, Cell-Glow Facial, focuses on controlling hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Dry and sensitive skin is a common occurrence among Singaporeans due to our extended sun and air conditioning exposure. To combat dry skin, Dr Ng suggests taking shorter showers than prolonged soaks in baths and patting the skin dry with a towel. Complement that with the clinic’s therapeutic Hydro-One Facial and you should be well on your way to supple and hydrated skin.

As a highly sought after expert, Dr Ng has made guest appearances on local TV and radio talk shows (Good Morning Singapore, Capital FM 95.8), sharing valuable insights on aesthetic medicine. His clinic was also invited by Rediffusion Singapore last year to conduct the first ever roadshow on pigmentation solutions for Asian skin.

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To further connect with his patients, Dr Ng regularly writes articles on his website and conducts Facebook live sessions. A recent topic of discussion was on worsening skin issues with the wearing of masks, in which Dr Ng addressed that stress during COVID may result in pimple breakouts. Knowing that not every Singaporean can afford facials and expensive skincare products during this period, some simple tips he recommends is to reduce makeup usage and cleanse every night before going to bed. This clearly shows Dr Ng’s efforts to ensure good skin is possible for all.

One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic

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One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic wooden concept reminds us a little of a Balinese spa retreat — which is great given travel restrictions now. The clinic is nestled at a cosy spot in Orchid Hotel, which all the more makes you feel like you’re on a holiday. Its convenient location in the CBD also means that patients going back to the office can pop by for a quick lunch time facial!

Clinic website:
Address:1 Tras Link #02-01 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
Opening hours:Tue-Fri: 11am-8pm, Sat: 10am-5.30pm, Sun: 12pm-5pm
Contact number: +65 6222 2262


Dr Melvin Tan

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At the heart of Dr Melvin Tan’s approach is marrying beauty and science. The Opthalmic-trained aesthetic physician has over 15 years of medical experience and boasts one of the most culturally diverse clientele, having worked with distinguished clinics in Thailand, the US and UK.

In the industry, he’s respected for his creative and technical dexterity. Expect nothing less than state of the art carefully crafted treatments at his clinic, EPION Clinic. His medi facials clearly take centre stage and are commonly featured in news outlets.

The Epion Star is touted as a must try on the menu; a three-part tightening hybrid facial that combines Skin Tightening, Aquadermabrasion and Rehydration for defined facial contours. This FDA-cleared treatment uses Sciton SkinTyte to transmit deep infrared pulses to painlessly tighten skin, followed by a four-step resurfacing process that cleans, exfoliates, extracts and nourishes skin. Finally, the facial is finished off with a luscious 24K gold mask to hydrate and tighten pores. This entire procedure takes about 2 hours — it’s probably one of the longest facials around, but we’ve not quite seen one as extensive and exquisite.

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Headed for a night out? Opt for the EPION Signia, a non-invasive facial treatment that delivers radiant airbrushed skin with a concoction of radiofrequency waves, HydraFacial MD, algae extracts and antioxidants. It’s clear Dr Tan meticulously crafts out his treatments not just to remain competitive, but to achieve perfection for every patient.

“Even after years as a practicing doctor, nothing is more rewarding than seeing my client’s newfound confidence in the way they look… I am committed to researching and investing in the most reputable techniques and technologies to provide you with the best methods to effectively and efficiently address your concerns,” he shares.

EPION Clinic

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If you’re looking for an aesthetic clinic with Instagram-worthy interior, this one’s it. Dr Tan’s discerning eye for beauty clearly comes alive in EPION Clinic — the clinic is stylishly outfitted with monochrome tiles punctuated by pops of gold curves and lines and deliciously decadent furnishing. There’s everything you’d expect from a top-notch aesthetic facility, including a cutting edge 3D imaging system to dive deep into your complexion.

EPION Clinic is also sequestered in a charming conservation shophouse at Tudor Court, which makes it the perfect space to get away for a soothing facial.

Clinic website:
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm
Contact number: +65 6732 2122


Dr Maybelle Tan

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Dr Maybelle Tan has over 18 years of clinical practice in anti-aging medicine. Apart from being a well qualified physician, she’s led scientific programs in Europe and Singapore, published several international medical journals and presented at medical conferences. While her portfolio is far and wide, treatments at her clinic The Belle Clinic are kept lean.

Skin tightening facials are packed to be quick and non-invasive so patients can complete a lunch time treatment. The secret is Channeling Optimised Radiofrequency Energy, a FDA-approved medical technology that efficiently targets specific layers of the skin to heat collagen and dermal fibers. This causes the skin’s collagen to shrink, restoring its flexibility and thickening the dermis, thus requiring shorter treatment time. Patients can expect to walk away with tighter skin and smoother wrinkles.

Dr Tan may not be as well publicised on social media compared to other aesthetic doctors, but she’s won numerous awards and trusted by many.

The Belle Clinic

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The Belle Clinic may look unassuming from the outside, but the inside is rather well designed with interesting geometry lines and a luxurious white and gold palette. Although the treatment menu is kept lean, the clinic is still relatively spacious. Its location at Singapore Business Federation also makes it super convenient for office workers to pop by and do a lunchtime facial.

Clinic website:
Address: SBF Medical Center, #03-02, 160 Robinson Road, ​Singapore 068914
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm, Sat: 9am-2pm
Contact: +65 6444 8108

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