Your Ultimate Cheat-Sheet for Lip Fillers in Singapore

Before and after lips filler

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Lip fillers require much less material so aesthetic doctors in Singapore can charge as little as $200 to $500. The actual price also depends on the brand of filler used (branded US lip fillers cost more than those from Europe and Asia) and the specific practices within the clinic. For instance, your doctor can choose to open a new syringe of fillers but use only 1/3 for the lips and the remainder for the face. This brings down the cost of the actual lip fillers to as low as $200 or sometimes even free.

As we all know, plumped lips look sexier and are more attractive and give your face a more hydrated and fresher look. Want to achieve those thick sexy pouty lips just like the stars you see on TV? One option is to use lip plumping products that will give your lips an absolute boost.

Do you have a gazillion different kinds of lip balms and lipsticks to help you highlight your lips? Let’s be real here, we all know for a fact that though these lipsticks can help, it doesn’t really work like magic. Plus, lip maintenance takes up a lot of our time!

In Singapore, women and men are willing to consider cosmetic procedures that are non-invasive and safe in an ongoing quest for a flawlessly balanced face and youthful appearance. One of the most popular cosmetic procedure is lip fillers.

Though lip filers have been increasingly sought-after in Singapore in recent years, there are still a lot of myths about the procedure. That’s why some people tend to be confused and shy away from it.

Are you curious about what to expect during the lip filler procedure? Do you want to know more about the expected results, downtime, cost and where to get the best lip fillers in Singapore? Here, we discuss everything you need to know about lip fillers, what you should expect and quick tips for lip fillers procedure in Singapore!

First off, what are Lip Fillers?

lip augmentation filler illustration

Lip fillers are a simple and effective cosmetic procedure that increases the fullness of the lips by giving it more volume and shape. The procedure usually involves the use of injectable lip fillers to boost the volume of the lips with very little recovery time. Lip fillers are also commonly known as non-surgical lip augmentation or injection that makes lips plumper or bigger.

What are the different types of Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers can be classified into two different types:

Temporary Lip Fillers

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA): the most recommended type of temporary lip fillers which are made of glycosaminoglycan polysaccharide - a naturally occurring chemical that can be found in our bodies and acts as a universal extracellular matrix in the skin. Therefore, HA fillers are the best choice for since because it is very safe, and FDA approved—you do not have to worry about adverse immune reactions (like allergies) because your body will naturally break them down.
  • Poly-L - lactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and polycaprolactone: in essence, they work by having an initial bulking effect and eventually stimulate collagen synthesis in the area where they are injected—a process that may take some time for the full effect to be visible. Also, based on reports by patients and doctors, they do not last as long compared to HA lip fillers.

Semi-permanent Lip Fillers

How long does each type of lip fillers last?

  • Temporary Lip Fillers lasts for 6-12 months
    In Singapore, there is a wide array of hyaluronic acid lip fillers brands available in the market that are equally excellent in quality, so it is important to check with your doctor what brand is best suited for you. After 6 to 12 months when the lip fillers’ effectivity has subsided, you can choose to do the procedure again and get back your plump and perky lips.
  • Semi-permanent lip fillers last for years (2-3 or more)
    While these semi-permanent lip fillers last longer, the risk of causing complications (i.e., scarring) with these lip fillers is also high. Also, because these lips fillers are made of harder materials like plastic or silicone, your lips may look and feel harder and may result in noticeable lumps and swelling over time.

That is why, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers lip fillers are the most recommended lip fillers in Singapore as they offer a more realistic, natural look and your lips will still be soft to the touch without risking your lip’s health.

What are the benefits of Lip Fillers?

  1. Lip Fillers Follow Your Lip’s Natural Shape. When done properly done by a professional, this procedure will enhance your lips but will still look very natural and the difference will be hardly noticeable with the naked eye.
  1. Life fillers are safe. By nature, lip fillers injections are completely non-surgical. Therefore, they require very little to zero downtime. When injected by a qualified and reputable aesthetic doctor, lip fillers are completely safe.
  1. Lip Fillers hydrate your lips. Do you think that lip fillers are only a procedure for people who want to attain plump duck lips? Think twice! Because hyaluronic acid lip fillers can also boost skin’s moisture, so you can have a hydrated-looking lip all day long!
  1. Lip Fillers help you look younger. I cannot be denied that as we grow older, different signs of ageing are starting to creep up on our skin. Lines and dryness become more visible and our everyday skin care routine cannot really keep up with your skin. Good thing there are fillers—a procedure that delivers exceptional moisturisation keep you lips soft and young-looking.
  1. Lip Fillers Boosts Your Over-all Health and Confidence. Beauty and health almost always come together and can affect our overall well-being. Getting lip fillers enhances our physical appearance that ultimately improves how we perceive ourselves and boost our confidence.

Where can I get lip fillers in Singapore?

In Singapore, only certified doctors can perform lip filler injections. There are many experienced clinicians that have intensive training on lip fillers procedure you can choose from. For a more informed decision, search for reviews online and opinions of others who have undergone the procedure before. It is important that you choose your doctor carefully.

Can I get my Lip Fillers at salons?

Do not go to salons! Only qualified doctors can inject lip fillers. So, if you know a salon that offers lip fillers, better stay away from them because they are doing it illegally. Don't fall for cheaper lip filer rip-offs at beauty salons because the procedure will be performed by a non-doctor and can be very dangerous.

What should I consider before getting lip fillers?

  • Determine what look do you want to achieve.

Let your doctor know what you want to look like, show him/her examples of pictures of the look you want to achieve so he/she can advise you about the best procedure for you.

  • Inform your doctor if you have sensitive skin.

Some lip fillers may contain allergens that may cause complications. If you are sensitive to certain allergens, inform your doctor immediately during the consultation so he/she can check your health record and prepare beforehand. If you don't know what you're allergic to, you should have yourself checked first.

What should I expect during lip fillers procedure?

Before your procedure, you will first undergo thorough consultation your doctor. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation and pain tolerance, your lips will be applied with numbing cream to help lessen the discomfort during injection.

The lip fillers will then slowly be injected by the doctor.  The number of lip fillers to be injected will be determined by your doctor during consultation.

Are lip fillers injection painful?

lip filler injection procedure

Lip Fillers are generally not painful. Even with the use of a needle for injection, local anaesthetics and numbing creams are typically administered to the target area to help you be more comfortable. Though you might feel some tingling sensation (and depending on your tolerance!), most lip fillers are not painful at all.

Some patients even report that during their lip fillers injection, their doctor didn’t even apply anaesthetics in the injection area and guess what? They didn’t even feel any pain or excessive bleeding! For some, only ice pack were used to num the lips before injection.

Sounds scary right? Of course, it is normal to be very freaked out when your doctor will not opt for a numbing cream or anaesthetic throughout the procedure. But don’t worry, when done by a very skilled and competent doctor, natural-looking results can be delivered without any pain or discomfort.

How long does the procedure last?

Depending on the number of filers to be injected, the procedure usually is just very quick! Including consultation and preparation time, the overall procedure can be done in under an hour and the injection proper can last under 10 minutes.

With lip fillers procedure, you do not have to worry about wasting a lot of time for the procedure to be finished. You can even insert the procedure in your busy schedule during your break time with no hassle at all.

What results should I expect after lip fillers injection?

Typically, the results are instant. Right after injection, your lips will be more moisturised and plumper. The difference is just minimal and natural looking—maybe not be even obvious to the untrained eye. Good lip fillers show improvement but not so much that people will start asking what happened to your face. Since this is a medical procedure, these results after the procedure may vary from person to person so don’t forget to always talk to your doctor.

Is there downtime?

Usually, there is just minimal downtime after getting lip fillers. After a few hours after the procedure, the injected areas may have some minor swelling which will go away within the day.

The day after the procedure, you might experience few small bumps on the inside of your mouth because the fillers are still adjusting so you shouldn’t be worried. After a couple of days, they will eventually disappear.

For aftercare, your doctor advises may advise you to avoid physical activities and not to lie on your back, so the lip fillers will stay intact in the next couple of days. Weeks after the procedure, the lip fillers will become more settled and the proportions will be more ideal for your face.

As said earlier, these results and side effects after the procedure may vary from person to person. If the swelling persists and doesn’t seem to go away, better call your doctor asap!

How much do lip fillers cost in Singapore?

Singapore Dollars

Lip fillers in Singapore may cost from $500-$900 (per 1ml syringe). Price may vary depending on these factors:

  • type of filler used
  • brand
  • number of injections required

Can I remove my lip fillers if I do not like the results?

Yes, you can remove of your lip fillers if you regret the result. Technically, the lip fillers can be removed by dissolving the injected filler with a medical-grade safe chemical (hyaluronidase). Through this action, the HA filler will dissolve in a matter of days and your lips will return to normal. The procedure and downtime will be similar to the actual lip filler injection itself.

It is important to understand that removing lip filler can be expensive (up to $700!)—this is on top of the expenses you spent on getting lip fillers! So, before committing to the procedure, you should make sure about the look you want to achieve to avoid spending a lot of money.

Finally, what are other tips I should consider?

  • Choose the right doctor.

Remember that the result of your lip fillers mainly depends on your doctor’s skill and technique, so it is important to be careful and choose a highly experienced aesthetic doctor who is known to deliver reliable and natural results.

  • Consider your lip fillers procedure seriously.

Like any other medical procedures, treat your lip fillers procedure seriously. During the consultation, ask your doctor as many questions as possible before committing to a decision.

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