Your Guide to Chin Fillers Treatment in Singapore

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Chin fillers in Singapore cost around $600 a syringe. This price might vary due to certain factors, such as the brand of the chin filler and the amount needed for the session of the treatment. If you want to purchase multiple treatments, make sure to ask for package deals which are more cost-effective. Just because a chin filler has a higher price doesn't mean its necessarily better for you and your skin type. Always make sure to consult with a professional to find the best chin filler for you and ensure that the price is commensurate with industry practice.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes. There may be truth to that statement, but as for the aesthetic industry, there are certain body standards that are deemed visually appealing. This may differ between men and women. Let’s take the face for example. Male faces that are aesthetically pleasing to look at are those that have features that appear to be strongly chiselled and symmetrical: eyebrows and lips that are completely defined, jowls and chin that are sharp, and eyes that are deeply set. For women, a face that is V-shape is what most wish to have. This shape is congruent to having a symmetrical, harmonious, and an elegant face.

A well-proportioned face means having certain features on both sides of the face in correct balance.

To check this, you may look at yourself in the mirror and see if the following parts of the face are in precise horizontal symmetry:

  1. The eyebrows
  2. Cheekbones and nose
  3. Chin

At the same time, a face may be considered as balanced and appealing when it has a perfectly proportioned side silhouette.

One of the vital features that determine one’s facial proportion is the chin. This part can easily throw the face off-balance when it appears to be weak, even when all the other features are completely symmetrical. Having a short and stout chin normally depicts a weak chin.

Thanks to advances in the aesthetic field, chins that may be displeasing to the sight can now be corrected by facial contouring with the use of chin fillers. Chin fillers, when applied, can give the illusion of a slimmer, sharper, and well-balanced jawline.

What are chin fillers made of?

Chin fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and materialize as a gel substance. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the human body that gives the skin its volume. It also helps maintain the skin’s hydration.

How do chin fillers work?

For short chins, a treatment of chin fillers can create a longer and much distinct jowl. Chin fillers can bring receding chins forward, creating the desired V-shape face.

How is the chin fillers procedure done?

As with any aesthetic procedure, a doctor’s consultation is done first. During the consultation, the doctor assesses the patient’s chin. The amount and kind of fillers to be used for the enhancement is determined in this evaluation. Once that is done, the patient’s face is then prepared for the procedure.

The chin is cleaned and sanitised. Following this, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area for treatment. The numbing cream will ease the patient of discomfort by eliminating the sensation on the chin. The fillers are then administered to the patient’s chin with the use of injections. There may be more than one site to be injected depending on the aesthetic need of the chin.

The doctor will then progress to sculpt the fillers according to the correct facial profile—the sought after V-shape.

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How long does the procedure take place?

The procedure can be as shorter than half an hour, but will mostly depend on the areas for treatment.

What results can be expected after the chin fillers treatment?

A patient can expect to see immediate and drastic results after the treatment. The chin will appear slender and more angular, improving the overall appearance of the face.

Is there any downtime needed after the chin fillers treatment?

There is no needed downtime. Patients can return to their usual routine after the treatment.

Are there side effects to this procedure?

Chin fillers augmentation is a non-invasive procedure. Unlike surgeries that involve incisions, this procedure is safe without risks and major side effects. Patients may experience slight pain, swelling, or bruising on the affected areas, but these are tolerable and only temporary.

Are the results permanent or temporary?

Expect the chin fillers to last for 6 months to 1 year. The longevity of the fillers will also depend on the kind used and the amount applied to the chin.

What should be done for aftercare?

For aftercare, avoid touching or massaging the area of the chin where the fillers are located. The chin fillers are expected to completely settle into the desired form after 2 days.  

avoid massaging your face

Can the procedure be reversed?

If a patient is not satisfied with the outcome of the chin fillers augmentation, then they can opt to have the procedure reversed. To do this, an enzyme called Hyaluronidase will be applied to the treated area. Hyaluronidase works by dissolving the hyaluronic acid fillers. This procedure is safe and will not affect the tissues around the sites where the chin fillers were initially injected. Changes can be seen in 1 to 2 days.

How many sessions of chin fillers treatment are needed to get optimal results?

One session is usually enough. However, if a patient wants to achieve a certain effect and depending on the amount needed to enhance the chin, more than one session may be recommended by the doctor.

Note that the results of this treatment are not the same as the outcome a surgery can produce. If a patient desires to get results that are greatly identical to plastic surgery, then several treatments are needed in order to achieve this. Of course, the more treatments are needed the more cash is needed to cover costs.

How many injections of chin fillers are needed for remarkable results?

The number of injections basically prescribed to achieve remarkable results is 2. A syringe of injection is filled with 1cc of chin fillers. Approximately 2 to 3cc of chin fillers are needed to enhance short receding chins.

How much does a session of chin fillers treatment cost?

The cost of chin fillers treatment differs from each clinic across Singapore. 1 syringe (1cc) of basic Hyaluronic acid filler costs SGD$600-650. Factors that affect the cost will also depend on the product used and the amount needed for the session of the treatment.

Who are the best candidates for this kind of treatment?

Anyone who wishes to have a V-shape face by enhancing his or her chin can undergo this treatment. Chin fillers are both safe for men and women. This is highly recommended for people who wish to enhance their jawlines but do not wish to undergo the complexities of plastic surgery.

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Are there other treatments that may be paired with chin fillers treatment to get a better result?

Depending on a patient’s initial chin assessment, a doctor may suggest combining another aesthetic treatment to get much better results for chin augmentation. Normally, BOTOX treatment is paired with chin fillers. BOTOX helps in keeping the mentalis muscle in a relaxed state when the chin fillers are administered. Without BOTOX, the mentalis muscle, which is located over the chin, can cause dimpling or shortening of the skin when it is in a hyperactive state.

What should a patient look for in a doctor?

The success of the chin fillers treatment will rely on the skills and expertise of a well-trained doctor. When looking for a doctor to do your treatment, do extensive research and do not settle on the first medical practitioner that you find. Before and after photos of a doctor’s previous patients will be of great help to find out about the quality of craftsmanship that a doctor has. Do not hesitate to ask doctors for this.

Also, beware of cheap packages being offered by facial salons or ads online. Be sure that the chin fillers that are used on your face are from a reputable source.